New Iridient Developer film style presets for Fuji X-Trans


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Brian posted his latest attempts at reproducing some of the various in-camera film styles for the Fuji X-Trans models today. There are new Iridient Developer presets for the Standard/Provia, Vivid/Velvia and Soft/Astia film styles plus a new “neutral” preset based on producing as close to a colorimetrically accurate profile as possible using color reference chart measurements.

The new Iridient Developer X-Trans presets can be downloaded as a zip file here (zip file)

And Brian’s earlier X-Trans presets based on some ICC profiles posted to forums are still available as well:


GREAT DEAL: $150 price drop on the XF 56mm f/1.2 (just 2 available) via eBayUS (seller with 100% positive feedback)


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Great Deal on the latest Fujinon gem, the XF 56mm f/1.2 is now available for $849 ($150 off) at 100% positive rating eBay store cameraland here (free shipping). Cameraland says:

“We have the a great deal on this desirable lens FUJIFILM 56mm F1.2 R LENS. As one of the largest Fuji dealers in the USA we are happy to offer this great lens at a super price. We had an in store event and this was opened to show some customers and put back in the box. Because of this we are selling it at a large discount. It can pass for new.”

It’s in stock also, for the full price, at Adorama.


X20 discontinued at B&H… X30 (with sensor bigger than 1“) on the way?


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These days, all eyes are set (deservedly) on the umpteenth version of Sony’s RX100, the RX100MIII. It’s crazy how frenetically Sony updates its products (see also the Sony A7-R-K-S).

That’s not really the same policy of Fuji. The X-PRO1 is about 2 ½ years old, and still hasn’t been replaced. And of the 13 X-cameras currently available, only 4 were replaced by newer models in about 3 years (X10=X20, XF1=XQ1, X-E1=X-E2, X100=X100S). Fujifilm seems to focus more on firmware updates to improve the performance of older cameras. This Kaizen philosophy might be bad for electronic imaging field of the company (which is still losing money), but it’s definitely good for us customers.

Now, one of the next cameras that could be replaced in foreseeable future is the X20. The X30 is rumored to come in “summer”, and, as the usually well informed xjrumo said months ago, the sensor will be bigger than the 1” sensor of the RX100III.

Another hint that the X30 could be in the pipeline: the silver X20 is already discontinued at BHphoto… and US stores that have some left in stock, are selling it now with a $50 price drop. Check it out at AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline.

And what do you think? Should Fuji follow Sony’s path and release udpated cameras with new (even minor) hardware changes more often (e.g. X-PRO1S)? Over at the Fujirumors facebook page Anurag said that Sony is “keeping up with the market“, while Olle said: “I myself value a brand that constantly keeps improving their current firmwares and meanwhile produces cameras with bigger improvements (x-t1) and great lenses. I work in a camera store and if its something the nex-users are asking for its the non existens nex lenses.

So the question is, if it’s better to launch an X-PRO1S/T/N or whatever, instead of waiting 3 years for the “major breakthrough” promised by Fuji with the X-PRO2.

stay tuned
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Tested: XF 56mm review (photozone) + Touit 50mm review (photographyblog)


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IN STOCK AT: Pictureline / AmazonUS (via third party and more expensive) / DigitalRev

pre-order at:  BHphoto / AdoramaeBay

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The Fujinon

The XF 56mm review of photozone can be read here.

The rendering of the bokeh is impressive thanks to a smooth blur and good out-of-focus highlights. There is, of course, some bokeh fringing but that’s true for the vast majority of lenses in this aperture class.

The build quality of the XF 56mm f/1.2 R is very high and as such in line with the other Fujinon XF lenses. It is mostly made of metal and precisely assembled although we miss a weather sealing which should be standard at this price point. The AF is pretty fast on the X-T1 although the combo is still stays a little short of what we can experience on similar DSLRs-based combos.

As already mention, the Fujinon is a bit pricey in absolute terms but high speed simply comes at a price. However, when looking at the results, it is a fair offering and simply also an obvious choice for Fujifilm users looking for an ultra-fast lens for street or portrait photography. Therefore highly recommended!”

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The Zeiss

The Carl Zeiss Touit Makro Planar 2.8/50mm T* Review of photographblog can be read here.

The Carl Zeiss Touit Makro Planar 2.8/50mm T* is the only lens in the Fujifilm X-Mount and Sony E-Mount ranges that offers true 1:1 maximum reproduction, so it’s something of an essential purchase if you absolutely require that feature, especially as it delivers superb image quality with lovely bokeh.

The Carl Zeiss Touit 50mm lens is remarkably sharp in both the image centre and at the edges throughout almost the entire aperture range. The fast maximum aperture of f/2.8 makes it easy to creatively throw the background out of focus, with the nine-blade iris diaphragm achieving some lovely bokeh effects for such a wide-angle lens. Vignetting is very well-controlled, chromatic aberrations are hard to find, and there’s some very slight pincushion distortion, but certainly nothing to worry about.”

Pre-order at Adorama and BHphoto

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The IN (X-T1) & OUT (XF 56mm) of stock X-gear check!


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And finally, after several months the X-T1, body and kit, is in stock everywhere! But there is still some X-gear hard to find on the market. So here is an overview of what’s available at the moment in the USA.

X-T1 body: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline
X-T1 kit: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline
XF 56mm: OUT OF STOCK (or more expensive via third party at AmazonUS)
XF 27mm black: AmazonUS via third party (1 left) /
XF 27mm silver: BHphoto / AmazonUS /

US-X deals

X-PRO1 body (save $200): AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline /
X-M1 (body OR super combo kit) (save up to $300): AmazonUS (Superkit: silverblackbrown)/ BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline /
X20 (save $50): AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline
XF 18mm (save $100): AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline
XC 50-230 (save $50): AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama /
X-A1 (save $100): AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline
X-E2 body and kit (save $200): START MAY 25th