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You’ve patiently waited and finally Fujifilm X-E2 shooters can download the English version of Rico’s book “The Fujifilm X-E2, Beyond the Manual” at Rocky Nook here. And for a few days (until the 10th of September) you can grab it with a 40% discount (use Coupon Code “XE240” and using PayPal). Also, Rocky Nook offers PDF, ePub and Kindle all together… DRM-FREE!.

Sample Pages (PDF)

“This book focuses on insights that you won’t find in the manual, skipping tedious explanations of basic camera functions and operations. Instead, it cuts to the chase and provides readers with a plethora of tips and practical instructions that will enable them to fully explore the capabilities of the X-E2.”

It’s time to take the red pill, stay in wonderland, and Rico will show you how deep the X-E2 rabbit hole goes ;-). Download the English book here (for the German version click here).

Rico shares his knowledge not only in books, but also in his Fuji X Secrets workshops, which should be organized also in California later this year. German readers can also check out Rico’s article about Fujifilm’s ISOless sensor at fujixsecrets here.

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Fujifilm corrects Photokina-TYPO: No Full Size Sensor but APS-C sensor “which rivals full frame”


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Just a flash: last week Fujifilm told us at their dedicated Photokina website that they will show visitors “high image quality with a full size sensor“. But Fujifilm just corrected the typographical error and now says that “the emphasis will be on the high resolution of the APS-C sensor, which rivals that of a full frame sensor.”

And another Mini-Rumor: Fujifilm says they will update their App soon. Check out this tweet.

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INTO THE WIDE: IBELUX 40mm f/0.85 hands on review and samples to download at Fujirumors (PART 2 – with cat shot ;-) )


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Hi again

As you know from the first part of this hands on review, I’m shooting with the IBELUX 40mm f/0.85. The company HandeVision was so kind to lend me one for testing.

Now, I remind you that I’m neither a professional reviewer, nor a PRO photographer (I’m a teacher).

Therefore I’d like to clear this up: don’t expect charts and massive pixel peeping. I also don’t have studio light equipment and models for a professional shootout. If you’re looking for statistics, then I recommend you to read the lensrentals review (btw, they say “It’s built better than I expected. It’s optically better than I expected. It has far less variation than I expected… it’s an excellent lens!” And, according to the lensrental tests, it’s better than the Canon EF 50mm f/1.2, in the center).

I’ll simply share some of my shots, and then send this über-fast lens back to HandeVision. However, as many reviewers out there, I can finally take images of cats and bricks in the wall… I won’t miss this exceptional chance ;-) !

So judge the IQ by your own. Download the high-resolution JPEG’s, all SOOC, no post-processing, film simulations or sharpening added, all handheld, unless it’s written in the image description. You can download also the RAW-file of some images.

IBELUX 40mm f/0.85 at: BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS

That said, let’s start:

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IMAGE: Fujifilm X30 in Black!


And here it is all in black: the Fujifilm X30. Control ring and tilt screen… everything as rumored until now. The camera should be announced on Tuesday, August 26… and there is an excellent reason to read Fujirumors on that day ;-)

via digicameinfo

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[UPDATE: no FF, but APS-C] Fujifilm says they will show “full size sensor” cameras at Photokina


– – – – – [UDPATE: Fujifilm corrected the typo. Read more here.] – – – – –

Fuji launched a special Photokina site here. The strange thing, spotted by mirrorlessrumors here, is that Fuji says they will show Photokina visitors “high image quality with a full size sensor“.

Now type “full size sensor” in google, and look at the results…. you’ll get plenty of articles about Full Frame sensors.

Why should Fujifilm call an APS-C sensor “full size“? It would obviously be mistaken for a “Full Frame” sensor. If they mean APS-C, then I recommend Fuji to change the wording. And if they do not mean APS-C, then I have some work to do now.

NOTE: Fuji Manager Mr. Kawahara said back in December that XF lenses would NOT be compatible with full frame camera. “If we launch the full frame body we have to launch the full frame lens too. So it is not good for X-series user.”

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