Iridient Developer film style presets now for ALL the Fujifilm X-Trans film styles


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Brian Griffith has now created Iridient Developer presets for ALL the Fujifilm X-Trans film styles, including the monochrome and ProNeg options. The whole set of Iridient Developer X-Trans presets can now be downloaded as a 18MB zip file here:

And his earlier X-Trans presets based on some ICC profiles posted to forums are still available as well:


Weather Sealed XF 18-135 to be announced on 26th of May (Memorial Day) – (new source)


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I’ve got this information from a new source. Take it with a grain of salt… but we will very soon be able to see if the source is correct:

The new XF 18-135 will be officially announced on Memorial day (26th of May).

The price, as spotted by FR-reader MJr, could be $/€200 above the XF 18-55mm (at least as listed at the Dutch store artencraft).

If true, stay tuned for a live blogging session on that day here on Fujirumors.

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X-E2 with kit lens for $1,119 (€ 1,008 / £ 739) or body only for $ 899 at DigitalRev


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And here we have another store, that is anticipating the X-E2 deals (which officially will start on May 25th!). It’s DigitalRev, and they are selling the X-E2 kit for $1,119 here and the body for  $899.

The good thing is, that the discount is valid also worldwide. So, if you buy the X-E2 with 18-55 lens in Germany, you’ll pay €1,008, while in UK it will cost you £739. If you go for the body only, you’ll have to pay €811 (in Germany).

Keep in mind that, if you order from Europe via DigitalRev, you won’t get the standard 2 year EU warranty, but just a 1 year warranty. Free shipping and no import taxes (at least to the EU-country I live in).

DigitalRev offers two types of warranty for free:

1. Worldwide Local Warranty

Simply send your product to a local authorised service centre to obtain a repair estimate. Send the estimate to us for approval (we check if the repairs being carried out matches the problems described, and also make sure it is covered by the warranty terms and conditions, e.g. accidental damage is not covered).

Once approved, your product will be serviced and repaired with all the costs paid by us.

2. Door-to-door Warranty

If you prefer a simple laid-back approach and don’t mind waiting slightly longer, we offer Door-to-door warranty where we will send a courier to your home to collect the faulty product and have it returned to our global service depot. We’ll then handle everything for you and have repaired item returned to you by courier.

This approach may take longer, but you do not have to do anything. Just pack the product in a box and wait for the our courier to pick it up.