Behind the X-Gear: Meet Don Pino, the FXF member, who shared the Most Liked Images on the Forum!


Hi X-folks

Let’s take a short break from the usual rumors/news stream and focus on the real heart of the X-system, which is you.

In today’s “Behind the X-gear” episode, we are going to meet Fuji X Forum member Don Pino, the FXF member, who shared the most liked images by the FXF community (Top #1 image / Top #2 image).

If you also want to have the opportunity to be interviewed & featured on FujiRumors, all you have to do is to join our Fuji X Forum Community, share your pics & thoughts there, and you might be the next one :) .

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X-Shooter Don Pino

Tell us something about you

Professional Photographer or Amateur or something in between?

As an amateur you have the priveledge to be free of economical influences. This way you can concentrate on your passion. 

What is your kind of photography? (Motives, Approach …)


Landscape and architecture are like “unequal sisters”. On the surface they seem to be different, but secretly they are connected through an invisible bond. Landscape and architecture are the “Ying and Yang” of photography.

Landscape is a very romantic kind of photography in which lyric and poetry take a great part. For this reason, many landscape photographers unconsciously are oriented towards the pictures of William Turner and other famous romanticists.

Architecture on the contrary, often prefers coolness as well as strict shapes and lines. It often seems to be technological, monochrome and cold.

In the daily routine of photography, architecture and landscape both subsist on wide angle shots or abstract tele shots. And certainly they are increasingly influenced by postproduction.


Where can we find more about you on the web (website, Flickr, Facebook, portfolio)

I have a portfolio on 500px ( and on some German websites.

What’s your favorite image taken with a Fuji?

I only started taking pictures two years ago with Fuji. Therefore I haven’t got a very big choice. In my opinion, the pictures of the mushroom pickers are two of my highlights. Especially, because I intentionally visited the Italian Monti Sibillini in June to take pictures of the poppy blossom. Unfortunately, the poppies started flowering lately because of the low temperatures. The pictures were taken in the morning at three degree

 photo pino_zpsegkelxrb.jpg

Your Move to Fuji

What’s the main reason for you to own a Fuji?

Like many others I was looking for an alternative second system with a compact design which meet the high expectations especially regarding the low-light photography. Not until I bought the X-E2, I got to know the fantastic fixed lenses. After two years of experience, I’d say that Fuji achieved the perfect balance between quality and compactness, simultaneously creating a “brand with a soul”.

Is there something you miss from your previous system?

Since I’m frequently using the DRI technique for night scenes and indoor shootings, I miss the extensive AE – Bracketing possibilities my 5DMKIII had. The X-Pro2 now provides AE bracketing function of +/- 2 which at least is a small step in the right direction.

What’s your favorite lens?

That’s a difficult question regarding the fantastic range of Fuji lenses. I love the 16 mm 1.4 lens as a universal fixed focal length with an extremely close focus distance. Apart from the 10-24mm, the 55-200mm became one if my favourite lenses.

What’s your favorite camera bag?

I like Think Tank. Since I started using Fuji I changed to a more compact model of airport essentials.

What’s in your bag?

X-T1, X-E2 and (hopefully soon) the X-Pro2
16mm, 23mm, 56mm, 10-24mm, 55-200mm and at least the XC16-50
Several 77mm B&W and Haida ND Filters
Three Lee ND-Graduate Filters
Several Step up rings
Nissin i40
A Rocket Blower
Two SanDisk 32 GB SD cards
Undefined lens-cleaning cloth

Your Advice to Fuji

Which lens, that is not yet in the roadmap, would you like Fuji to make?

A new 60mm weather sealed and stabilized “Allround Macro” which can be also used for Portrait Photography, like the popular Canon 100/2,8 L .

Tell Fujifilm what’s the main thing they should still improve in the X-series system via Firmware and/or Hardware

Although I keep told that 80% of the X-users take their “tripod pictures” using a mechanical cable release, I desperately wish for a newer version of camera remote which will make bulb shots and exposures of more than 30 Seconds possible and the remote release dispensable at the same time. Concerning long exposure, I’d like to add that I really could use a “live bulb” function.

Decisive Questions

OVF, EVF or Display?

The EVF of the X-T1 is already great. I don’t even dare to imagine how good the EVF of the X-T2 will be.

Rangefinder style or DSLR shape?

For me this isn’t an “either/or” question. I use them both. It depends on the moment and on the lens.


At the Moment 100% raw. With Acros this may change.

Curiosity & Customize you X

You most & you least used feature in Fujifilm cameras (like film simulations, build-in RAW converter, Extended DR(100-200-400), advanced filters, panorama, digital split image etc…)

According to me, there should rather be too many options for technical features than too less. At the end it’s up to me anyway whether I use them or not.

Which functions did you place on the FN-buttons of your camera?

I very often use a tripod, therefore I placed the Self-timer at the Top FN Button.

What’s Your favorite film simulation

I am still waiting for Acros.

Your favorite photography quote.

Truly all photographs are self-portraits. (Elizabeth Opalenik)



Fujifilm X-Pro2 Reviews :: The Good & The Bad (or rather Strange)


skalierFujifilm X-Pro2
: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / CANADA: AmazonCA / EUROPE: AmazonDE / AmazonUK / WexUK / PCHstore / AmazonITA / AmazonFR / AmazonESP / AUSTRALIA: CameraPro

_ _ _

There are massive Reviews out there about the Fujifilm X-Pro2, mostly very positive, but some aren’t. And on this blog I feature everything I find regarding Fuji: The Good, The Bad… and also some aspects of a review that I consider rather strange.

So let’s start

The Polish site optyczne (translation) tested the X-Pro2: Good news first: the Autofocus is faster and much more accurate :). But then they highlight 3 main critics to the X-Pro2:

1) RAW: X-Pro2 Dynamic Range worst than X-T10: I was shocked when I’ve read this, because until now everyone said that there is an improvement (some say big improvement, TheCameraStoreTV says a little improvement).

But then I saw that they used dcraw to decode X-Pro2 RAF files, which still has no X-Trans III support! I consider this a rather strange decision, I mean, using a software that still does not support the X-Trans III RAF files to judge the RAW quality…

More interesting are point 2) and 3):

2) Visible Phase Detection Pixels: I don’t know the exact exposure and test conditions, but optyczne shows visible phase detection pixels in the dark images. I’ve asked optyczne and it seems that this is nothing really new for cameras featuring phase detection pixels, since it’s common also to other brands, that use sensors with phase detection pixels.

For example the extremely popular Olympus E-M1 has this “issue” too (as also documented at optyczne).

If Optyczne is right, then I guess camera manufacutres might have made the following consideration: Outside of some very special lab tests, in real life, visible phase detection pixels will never be an issue… and actually even in lab tests it seems almost impossible to produce this effect (have you ever read anything about it on dpreview, imaging-resource, photozone & Co?). But what you will really notice in real life, is the faster AF… with every single shot you take. So let’s put those Phase Detection Pixels into the sensor.

And for what is worth, also in my thousands of shots with my X-T1 (and previously X-E2), from long exposures to the highest ISO, I could never see anything like that. I’ve also contacted my buddy Ale from 43rumors, who also never experienced anything like visible pixels on his Olympus cameras, too. I’m waiting for feedback from SonyAlphaRumors on the same thing.

Anyway, if the test is reliable (or the tested X-Pro2 not faulty), then I’m confident to say, that it’s an issue nobody of us will ever experience in 99,9% of our shots.

3) White Glow: Optyczne shows a white glow on images with a 3 minutes dark exposure. I did something I never do otherwise: I’ve contacted Fujfiilm regarding this (a very “cold” email exchange, I tell you). They say Optyczne tested 2 X-Pro2’s, which Optyczne was told by Fuji Poland to be final production models, but they actually were pre-production cameras. Anyway, they’ve read the review, tested it on several final production X-Pro2 (those that you’ll get in your hands soon), and could not duplicate the issue in any way.

Maybe the white glow might have been an issue with pre-production cameras (and real reason for the X-Pro2 delay?), but fact is that Fujifilm assured FujiRumors that this did not happen with production cameras… so there won’t be a “light-leak-alike” recall action.

So, that’s the story… now let’s go back to some more real-life reviews ;)

Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review at whatdigitalcamera :

Where the X-Pro1 stuttered for a fraction of a second on a few occasions before it acquired focus, the X-Pro2 showed no such signs of delay and locked on instantaneously. It was a similar story testing both in a low-light street scene. The X-Pro2 revealed no signs of difficulty focusing in the challenging environments I subjected it to.

Pushing the sensor to the extremes of its ISO range reveals users can shoot confidently between ISO 100-6,400 without fear of noise severely degrading image quality. Colour noise is extremely well-controlled and, although luminance noise makes its presence known at high sensitivities, the level of detail the sensor resolves up to ISO 25,600 is phenomenal.

The X-Pro2 manages to do just that and then some – it’s an absolutely stunning premium compact system camera that we can categorically say has earned its place as the flagship model in the X-Series.

Full Review at digitalcameraworld:

We liked
There really is plenty to like about the X-Pro. On the imaging side you benefit from a high-resolution sensor, sound metering and very good JPEGs straight out of the camera, while the addition of the focus lever and the consolidation of various other controls make for a more refined camera. Faster focusing is a bonus, as is the higher resolution viewfinder, and the ability to extensively customise the camera and develop a personal menu just makes it even better.

We disliked
Not all the physical controls have been changed for the better and the grip, exposure compensation dial and rear command dial can be troublesome. Even on the Standard performance setting battery life is fairly unimpressive, and while it’s possible to achieve more shots than stated, you’ll likely to need another battery if shooting over the course of a day. The lack of an articulating or tilting LCD screen is also a shame.

MUST READ: X-Pert Corner X-Pro2 First Look / X-Pro2 with Samyang 12mm F2 NCS and XF18mm F2 at / Fujifilm X-pro2 newborn photos (back lit images) at williamchua / Facade at olafphotoblog / Heritage Day In Port Moody at olafphotoblog

Acros film simulation with the Fuji X-Pro2 at prophotonut


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X-E2 deals

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