X-entry level cameras rumor update: tilt screen and name: X-A1 (new sources)?


Note: Please read carefully if the rumor comes from trusted or new sources.

1) APS-C X-trans entry-level camera: We know that this camera won’t have a viewfinder (trusted sources), but according to a new source it will have a tilt screen.

2) The non X-trans very cheap camera: You remember when I told you that I guess it will be the sensor of the X100? Well, trusted sources told me that my personal supposition is wrong. It won’t be the APS-C of the X100… I’ll shut up and leave guesses to you in the comments :)

Another new source also told me that the X-Trans camera will be called X-A1 (A stands for Amateur.) Trusted sources could not confirm it. And if the Nippon magazine is right, the non X-Trans camera could be the X-M1… where M stand for…?

Now, let’s suppose that the name guessed by the new source (X-A1) is right, then this could be the new APS-C interchangeable Fuji X-family: X-M1, X-A1, X-E1, X-PRO1…

I remember you that trusted sources told me that there will be 2 new lenses here and one of those will be a 16-50 or 16-55.


X100S at AmazonUS (third party reseller for $1500) / XF55-200 + Zeiss Touit: in stock and first impressions


 photo 2_zpsd69433ed.png


[SOLD OUT] Two X100S is now in stock at AmazonUS via third party reseller, but you have to pay $200 extra to grab it. Let’s hope for AmazonUS to ship the X100S directly soon.


– Roger told me that the new Zeiss Touit lenses for Fuji X-mount are now in stock at precision-camera (Austin TX) here (12mm) and here (32mm)

– FR-reader Franz received a message from his German reseller (fotoversand-afa.de). Looks like the new Zeiss optics will be with the vendor mid-next week.

tzsantos told me that they are available also in Portugal at jvalles.com

Zeiss Touit 32mm in stock status check: USA: Adorama / BHphoto / Uniquephoto / Pictureline / Europe: AmazonDE / ebayUK / PCHstore Brussel
Zeiss Touit 12mm in stock status check: USA: Adorama / BHphoto / Uniquephoto / Pictureline / Europe: AmazonDE / ebayUK / PCHstore Brussel


– For the dc.watch first impressions and samples of the Touit 12mm X-mount click here (translated version)


Mark: “I just got a call from Henry‘s to let me know that the Fujifilm 55-200 that I pre-ordered is now in the store for me.  So the lens is now available in Canada.”

Peter: “This is not a rumor but a fact. I was notified that my order for the XF 55-200 lens was shipped tonight from Cyberphoto in Sweden. :-) I hope I get it before the weekend!”

XF 55-200 in stock status check: USAAdoramaBHphoto / AmazonUS / DigitalRev / Uniquephoto / Pictureline / Europe: AmazonUK / AmazonDE / PCHstore Brussel / Worldwide ebay: slidoo (available in Japan)


1) photogenykstudios first impressions (and samples) of the XF55-200 can be read here.

“The XF55-200… may even be the most accurate of the Fuji lenses to date. Speed wise it wont set any records, but it wasn’t bad either. I would say it focused a lot better than I was expecting it to. I saw no difference after performing the needed firmware update. I have no complaints in either speed or accuracy. The image stabilization is also brilliant. I was effortlessly able to take tack sharp shots at 1/40 of a second at 200mm.

The IQ was nothing short of amazing. Tack sharp at 200mm, be it stopped down or wide open. Contrast, colour, sharpness, all excellent. No matter the aperture or focal length I could not take a bad shot from a pure IQ perspective. […]  What I liked best however was the rendering. The way the lens and camera draw the image, especially backlit shots, were breath taking.”

2) “Hi Patrick! Got my Fujinon 55-200mm today at Saturn shop in Düsseldorf Germany. Only 50 Pieces will be delivered right now to Germany. Did some pics today (not edited, all handheld) You might use them on your fabolous site if you want. Greetings from Düsselorf, Michael” See Michael’s first shots with the XF55-200 here.


Samyang 16mm available in June? + Rokinon 300mm f/6.3 Mirror lens


 photo 984153_546227348756521_754498152_n_zpsee181c0a.jpg

As you know, Samyang just announced the Samyang 16mm f/2.0 X-mount (click here). According to a FR-reader from Malaysia, it will arrive in stores there at the end of June.

And more good news. At the facebook page of Rokinon here you can see the first images of the new 300mm f/6.3 mirror lens (for E-mount) and a video here. The X-mount version will follow.

Seems that Samyang is about to release a whole new range for the Fuji X-mount… and now we wait for Sigma to do the same ;)

To what belongs Sigma, I’ve read here that Sigma Corporation America said “Unfortunately Fuji did not use the Micro Four Thirds mount and doesn’t have the market share Sony does, I’m not going to say we will not make lenses for your mount but not at this time.” So, buy a Fuji X to convince Sigma :)



Fuji releases the Firmware Update Ver.1.03 for the X100S.


The X100s got a new firmware update (ver. 1.03)! You can download it here: http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/firmware/x/x100s/. That issues has been fixed: “The phenomenon is fixed that in rare cases a grainy image like TV fuzz could appear on LCD under a certain shooting condition.

The X100S is still sold out at Amazon US (3-4weeks delivery). It is in Stock in UK at CameraCentre eBay (Click here).


Hands-on the new Fuji XF 55-200


 photo xf55-200mmreview-5_zpsb9b2e672.jpg

image courtesy: grittymonkey

Grittymonkey published his considerations about the brand new XF 55-200 here. Among other things he says that:

“the AF performed perfectly during my first day of shooting with it! It is fast (normally fast, I am not talking here about lighting speed, but it is not slow either) and reliable (it locked where asked every time instead of the fruitless hunting I have experienced with other lenses and former versions of the firmware). […] The manual focus is again well implemented with just the right amount of turn to be made to adjust the focus. […] Racked out at 200mm and wide open, the XF55-200mm produces a pleasant bokeh, with uniformed and perfectly round circles of light, and very smooth blurred areas.

All in all, this new lens is a great addition to the XF lens lineup and I cannot wait for the ultra-wide zoom to come out in a few months. After that, I will have a complete set up to take with me whenever on travel, and my DSLR will definitely stay at home (my back already loves that idea).”

XF 55-200 pre-order: USAAdoramaBHphoto / AmazonUS / DigitalRev / Uniquephoto / Pictureline / Europe: AmazonUK / AmazonDE / PCHstore Brussel / Worldwide ebay: slidoo (available in Japan)