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These Guys Switched from Full Frame to Fujifilm APS-C and Are Happy About it


Fujifilm Vs Full Frame

So it’s time for another comparisons roundup, this time focusing on people switching to Fujifilm APS-C from Sony, Nikon and Canon full frame, and believe it or not, they are happy with their switch!

In the Fujifilm world, if you really want a bigger sensor, you go Fujifilm GFX, which offers an almost 4 times bigger sensor than APS-C and hence can really offer that ultimate jump in image quality, that the jump from APS-C and FF can not offer.

And before you start complaining, we remind you that we have also shared dedicated roundups of people unhappy with Fujifilm.

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Switch Stories

George went from Canon to Fujifilm X-T3, and here is what he thinks about it:

  • he shot Canon for 24 years
  • he looked into all brands (Sony included)
  • Fuji… Wow! Blown away by image quality
  • EVF with WYSIWYG is great
  • he uses X-T3 professionally for every single thing he has done in the last 6 weeks, and he is blown away
  • great usability, super customizable
  • easy to operate
  • he shocked and happy by his X-T3 purchase, money well spent
  • great autofocus
  • good in finding the face, especially in low light
  • with his full frame Canon 5D MK III he would not go over ISO 4000, since grain looked so digital
  • with Fujifilm X-T3 the ISO grain looks more film-alike, more pleasing look
  • he works with Capture One Pro 12
  • Thank you Fujifilm for making such an awesome camera. His workload became much lighter, and it does not hurt anymore where it used to hurt
  • if he shoots 2,500 images at a wedding, 2,400 are in focus

_ _ _

Aron J Anderson switched from Sony A7III to Fujifilm X-T3, and he is a happy man:

  • switched because of usability, much better than Sony (and any camera he ever had)
  • 3 way flippy screen as opposed to 2 way flippy screen of Sony A7III
  • functionality makes him feel good and love using it. It’s fun.
  • shadow recovery on Sony has more purple noise than Fujifilm X-T3
  • Alhtough the Sony A7III will win at pixel peeping level, the sensor performance of the X-T3 is “shockingly close” to Sony A7III
  • Fujinon lenses are amazing

_ _ _

Charlie Hunt – Time To Switch To Fujifilm!? Goodbye SONY!! His main reasons:

  • controls/buttons – no need to go through menu
  • the amazing colour
  • color science is better than sony
  • the fujinon lenses are super sharp
  • the autofocus is actually pretty dope
  • its fully weather resistant unlike his old sony a7
  • amazing 4k and helps him minimalise his setup

_ _ _

Aron is a Sony A7III shooter, who recently got an X-T3 and 10 lenses for testing. How do they compare? He shared 2 videos so far (see below), and here are his findings

  • Fujifilm X-T3 has outstanding and better build quality
  • Fujifilm X-T3 has so much better usability
  • X-T3 hands down better EVF and LCD
  • LCD screen on X-T3 flips in 3 ways
  • X-T3 has much better jostick
  • dynamic range comparison: not that big of a difference. Sony is a bit cleaner. For his needs the difference does not matter
  • Fujifilm better colors
  • ISO: there is no WOW difference in noise between Fuji and Sony, as there is between Panasonic and Sony. He would use Sony and Fuji on any of his professional shoots

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