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Adobe Lightroom 8.3 New Texture Slider Explained and How Well does it Work with Fujifilm X-Trans files?


Adobe Lightroom 8.3

Adobe released Lightroom 8.3, with bug fixed and performance improvements.

Lightroom 8.3 / Camera Raw also adds a new texture slider, which enhances or softens medium details in your image.

Adobe explains it sits “somewhere between positive Clarity and Sharpening“. They say:

Negative Texture (the range from -1 to -100) is sometimes compared to Noise Reduction.

There are high frequency details, mid frequency features, and low frequency areas; together, they all make the image.

[…] Clarity is a stronger control than Texture, and that’s a good thing. Texture is more subtle, and sometimes you need something stronger. Clarity can bring out changes in larger areas of tonality, and will change the luminance and saturation more than Texture. Texture and Clarity are fundamentally different tools, and they each have their own strengths.

How can you tell when to use which one? Texture is best for making subtle adjustments to those mid-frequency features. Clarity is best for making stronger adjustments to a broader frequency range, including some lower frequencies.

The first feedback I got, is that the new texture slider seems to play well together with Fujifilm X-Trans files. But I’d love to hear your findings in the comments down below.

I remind you that Adobe recently improved also X-Trans rendering thanks to the “enhance detail” feature.

Adobe has a full blog post about the new texture slider at theblog.adobe here and down below you can find a few videos introducing the new texture slider.

Overall it looks similar to the “structure” slider in Capture One Pro.

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