Zack Arias in Marrakech with the X-T1… and a few tips and tricks for street photography


Zack Arias spent three days in Marrakech, Morocco with the FujiFilm X-T1 and shared a few tips and tricks on getting the best out of your camera for street photography. All still images are from the Fujifilm X-T1 using the following lenses: The new XF 10-24, 27mm F2.8 Pancake lens, the 23mm F1.4 lens.”

So that’s the travel kit of Zack Arias: X-T1 + the 10-24mm, the 27mm and the 23mm. And what would be your choice? Keep up voting the poll.

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SO IT BEGINS: the X-E2 is ALREADY $200 off at AmazonUS (via third party).


 photo pricedrop_zps383d310e.jpgYesteday I told you NOT to grab the $139 discounted X-E2, as better deals will start on May 25th. Well, in fact some stores decided to anticipate the deals and offer the $200 price drop starting from now!

So you can find the X-E2 with kit lens $200 off at AmazonUS (via top rated third party seller CameraSpot, free shipping). The discount applies only to the black kit version.

There are, at the moment of this post, just three available… so act fast, or wait the 25th of May.

And thanks for the link, Matt.


HOT: X100S for $1,049 (€ 910 in Germany / £ 699) at DigitalRev


 photo dig_zps8061c9ed.jpg

It’s probably the best price on a new X100S right now. DigitalRev is selling the X100S for just $1,049 (or €910 in Germany – £ 699 in UK) here.

DigitalRev offers two types of one year warranty for free:

1. Worldwide Local Warranty

Simply send your product to a local authorised service centre to obtain a repair estimate. Send the estimate to us for approval (we check if the repairs being carried out matches the problems described, and also make sure it is covered by the warranty terms and conditions, e.g. accidental damage is not covered).

Once approved, your product will be serviced and repaired with all the costs paid by us.

2. Door-to-door Warranty

If you prefer a simple laid-back approach and don’t mind waiting slightly longer, we offer Door-to-door warranty where we will send a courier to your home to collect the faulty product and have it returned to our global service depot. We’ll then handle everything for you and have repaired item returned to you by courier.

This approach may take longer, but you do not have to do anything. Just pack the product in a box and wait for the our courier to pick it up.


X30 coming on July 3rd? (via dpreview)


 photo disc_zps3d7370f3.jpg

silver X20 discontinued at BHphoto

X20 (save $50): AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline

Hi all!

There is a forum member over at dpr, who claims to have the following information:

The X30 will be annonced on July 3rd. It will have a 1″ X-Trans sensor. There will also be a “cheaper compact based on the X100.” (the X70 rumored by Fujirumos already months ago here).

The source of the rumor? Well, the author (“labe”) gives different sources for his information (at one point saying “XJR china” (xjrumo) and another point saying “PM from a friend”).

I have to agree with FR-reader John (who passed me the link, thanks): „I guess it might be slightly more reliable (but only slightly) if there’s some photography event that day.“

The X30 was rumored to come in February/March by digicame-info. A FR-source corrected it and said that it was to early, as it will come in “summer”.


HOLD ON! Do NOT buy the $139 discounted X-E2 now! Bigger savings start May 25th ($200 off)


 photo X-E2_zps0a3c8134.jpg

This is a reminder to all those, who are tempted to grab the $139 discounted X-E2 at BHphoto, AmazonUS and Adorama. The price is tempting ($1259 for the black kit and other combinations $100 off too), but, according to my sources, the price will drop even further to $1199 (kit $200 off / body $150 off).

So please resist to the siren songs of these deals, as better ones are coming very soon.

I hope this reminder can help someone out there to save some more bucks. And in case you’re willing to grab the X-E2 on May 25th, feel free to do it by using on one of the shoplinks I’ll share on Fujirumors. You’ll donate a small percentage on your purchase to Fujirumors, and the good thing is, that it won’t cost you a single penny more on the X-E2. So, same price for you, and a small commission to FR, which will help to keep this blog running. Thanks in advance to those who decide to support FR.

US-X May Deals

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Do not buy the X-E2 until May 25th! You’ll save up to $200

 photo asd_zpsd8df2dbd.jpg