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Fujifilm Vision 2019: “We Work Toward Capturing No.1 Market Share in Premium Mirrorless Market” (Medium-Term Plan VISION2019)


Wow… now that’s an ambitious goal.

Fujifilm just published their new medium-term management plan, called VISION2019, covering a three year period from the fiscal year ending March 2018 (FY2018/3) to the fiscal year ending March 2020 (FY2020/3.).

And regarding their imaging division they write:

  • In digital cameras, work toward capturing No.1 market share in the premium mirrorless camera market, promoting the X Series that continues to evolve with outstanding image quality, fast speed and mobility, alongside the medium-format GFX Series that uses a large sensor, 1.7 times bigger than that of full-frame cameras, to pursue the pinnacle of image quality.
  • Reinforce the lineup of its highly reputable interchangeable lenses to continue to achieve increased revenues and profits in the mirrorless system business as a whole.
  • Broaden the lens business by expanding the lineup of 4K broadcast lenses, launched ahead of the rest of the world, as well as the lineup of lenses for the fast-growing new video production market, including online video.
  • With regard to the “INSTAX” instant camera and film, expand the sales of existing products and promote its square-format products for greater proliferation. Expand printing service solutions with added convenience, e.g. incorporating AI, to boost printing demand from smartphones to maintain the upward trend in profits.
  • FY2020/3 targets: 380 billion yen in revenues, 45 billion yen in operating income and 11.8% in operating income ratio

The competition is obviously very strong, especially from Sony, who are dominating, as we can also see from the AmazonUS mirrorless bestseller charts. But it’s good to see Fujifilm so confident about their present and future products, such as the sensor stabilizied Fujifilm X-T2S and of course the Fujifilm GFX 100S.

And you know what would sound really PREMIUM, too? That XF33mmF1.0!

Now, I want you to get quickly to the comments down below, so I won’t copy & paste the entire long press release here on FujiRumors. But if you want to read more, also about the medical, documents & co solutions and goals, check out the Fujifilm page here.