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My Ultimate Fujifilm GFX 50S Review after 3 Minutes of Use without Batteries :) :: New TECHART GFX Canon EF Smart Adapter & More – GFX Zone


Michael Anthony‎
Shared here
Brought the GFX to Iceland, lots of awesome stuff came from this trip…
23mm F/11, ISO 125, 1/125


Fujifilm GFX

So it happened…. I took the train and left my little mountain village to reach the city. The goal of the trip:

  • print some images I took this summer
  • eat an ice cream
  • meet the GFX

Ice cream had priority of course, and then I proceeded with the rest.

So I went to the photography store to finally meet and hold the Fujifilm GFX 50s for the first time. I had it in my hands, but sadly the battery lasted literally only 3 seconds… I was expecting a better performance ;) .

With the battery down, all I could do was to hold it…. and it felt good, really good. Solid build, rather heavy (with the GF 32-64 on it), but still a comfortable weight to work with and hold it for a longer time, thanks also to the nice protruding grip. No flimsy bending doors, no mushy buttons and overall just a really excellent impression, when it comes to build quality.

And yes, I took off the lens, and stared like hypnotized at that huge sensor… and I thought… do I really need to spend all that money for that surgery at the dentist later this week?

3 minutes, not much longer, and I didn’t take a single picture… but just holding it gave me the impression of huge power and possibilities.

So, if you are interested in the GFX, please do me a favour: go to your local store and hold it, try it out. A million words and images simply can’t beat the experience of having that beast in your hands.

However… until the day comes you can finally meet the GFX by your own… you can enjoy what many talented photographers are producing and sharing with the GFX day after day at our 15,000+ strong GFX facebook group… and some images will be part of today’s GFX zone :)

For 100% GFX news and rumors follow the Fujifilm GFX facebook page.


Presented TECHART EF – FG 01! World’s first Fujifilm GFX, AF compatible EF mount electronic adapter – All the details at stkb (google translated) – Video on Youtube here.

World’s first! Fujifilm for GFX, AF compatible EF mount electronic adapter TECHART EF – FG 01 announcement.
EF – FG 01 is for Fujifilm G mount standard medium size mirrorless camera, EF mount lens compatible with AF capable electronic mount adapter.
The release schedule in Japan will be in late September.
Manufacturer’s suggested selling price: 499 dollars (around 50,000 yen tax)

[Characteristic] Electronic control of EF mount lens, AF shooting is possible
Compatible with IS image stabilization mechanism of EF lens
Corresponds to lens registration and correction function (mount adapter setting) (*)
Firmware can be updated via USB connection with PC terminal

※ When used with MF lens of EF bayonet mount without electronic contact and EF mount conversion adapter (type without electronic contact) made by another company , lens registration (up to 6) on the camera side, focal length setting, distortion correction, color Jading correction, Corresponding to ambient light intensity correction etc.

& More

Fujifilm GFX 50s: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS

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Dan Avila
shared here
When you have an hour to kill in the city and remember to bring your camera. GFX with the GF23mm ND16

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Norman Ng
shared here
Revisited one of my favorite night sky spot.
The Palouse Falls State Park, Washington, USA
Fujifilm GF 23mm

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Teemu Kustila‎
Shared here
GF 63/2.8, f/11, ISO 100, 4 min exposure — in Koli, Itä-Suomen Lääni, Finland.

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Vassilis Pitoulis
shared here
Je veux voler
Shooting @samaon4ik
With @dan_hecho Lr Presets
GFX 63mm motion