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dpreview just posted his hands on preview-update of the X-E1. They’ve added seven pages to the preview made in Sep., including studio test shots and a sample gallery. “We’ve had our hands on a production X-E1 for a few weeks now, and our first impressions are that Fujifilm’s promises aren’t idle. Autofocus is quicker and more-responsive, and the ‘feel’ of manual focus has certainly been improved. We’re not convinced it can yet match the very best of its mirrorless peers, but Fujifilm has made a step in the right direction, and that has to be applauded.

It’s a comprehensive preview. As you know, there is the interactive dynamic range comparison widget, sample images, image quality comparison and so on… just click you through the preview here at dpreview.


High ISO performance: NEX-5N vs E-M5 vs X-E1+ review


How are the X-E1 High-ISO shots compared to those of the Sony NEX-5N and the E-M5? See the comparison pics at focus-numerique.com. (translated version). Remember, the E-M5 features a smaller m43 sensor.

And one more review:

grittymonkey (click here) tired the Sony NEX7, he tried the Olympus OMD E-M5 but he chose the “sexy-one“. First of all, because it looks great. “It smells like photography, It’s like it’s calling you to take it with you and go shoot something!” The dedicated dials, the ISO performance, the menu interface, the JPEG’s… but every camera has PROS and CONS. Fujirumors readers know: Adobe has no native X-Trans support, until now. The AF with the 35mm lens is not that fast. The EVF is great, but if the subject or you are moving fast, there is a little lag. But it’s still one of the best EVF’s. And the rear screen resolution could really be better.

His conclusions are: “If you are looking for a lightweight camera with outstanding image quality in all light conditions for still subjects, the Fuji X-E1 is exactly what you need.”


Real life performance comparison: Fuji X-E1 vs Olympus OMD EM-5


image courtesy: lindsaydobsonphotography.com

lindsaydobsonphotography.com (click here) compared the Fuji X-E1 and the Olympus OMD EM-5. It’s a well made, comprehensive, real life review, with a lot of images and also a list of PROS and CONS of these cameras.

At the end, which camera would she choose? “That’s quite a difficult question, both are capable of producing outstanding images… In the room with the snake the Fuji really struggled to lock focus at times and the slight lag of the EVF added to my frustrations. However the OMD nailed the shots easily (despite having a cheap and slow zoom on at the time). And of course the OMD is not only faster but is also weather proofed which is a great bonus for me, amongst its other performance attributes. So whilst I greatly admire the XE1 for its outstanding images, classic looks and wonderful build quality, it’s rather like a luxury saloon car – pleasurable to handle providing you’re not in too much of a hurry. The OMD on the other hand is a bit like a highly specc’d modern sports car – a little sharper around the edges but your journey will be fast and fun.”

Read much more in her post here. And here is the second part of her review.

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Next X-E1 video review. digitalcameraworld.com


Here is the next X-E1 video review. Take a look at it or read the review at digitalcameraworld (click here).

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