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Fringer Smart Adapter: Canon EF 70-300L on Fujifilm X-T2 AF-C Demo Video – UPDATE: Coming in 1/2 months for Under $300


Fringer Smart Adapter for Canon EF

UPDATE: As Yeiter said in the comments: “contacted company and they will have it out within next month or two and it will cost under $300

Fringer just uploaded a video, that demonstrates the continous autofocus of the Canon EF 70-300L on Fujifilm X-T2 using the Fringer Smart Adapter.

The Canon EF 70-300L represents a challange for smart adapters, since it has a very special design, i.e. nonlinear AF motor. But Fringer solved this problem, and the video above shows you how it works.

Regarding the EF70-300 L, Fringer says:

EF70-300L has special design that prevents smart adapters properly handle its AF. Now Fringer EF-FX Pro smart adapter has overcome the problem. Meanwhile, all PDAF focus points’ support is a must for high performance AF on X mount. That’s also shown in the demo video.

I though EF lenses are all the same and planned for optimizing EF70-300L’s AF on X mount in just one day. Finally I spend almost a week to solve the problem. This lens is equipped with a nonlinear AF motor which is definitely a nightmare for smart adapter developers. Its feature curve is like this:

Unlike smart adapters for GFX mount, e.g. my Contax645-GFX adapter and EF-GFX adapter from other manufacturers, smart adapters for X mount must support PDAF which is essential for high performance AF. That needs to calculate precisely on how to move AF motors which is very difficult when adapting EF70-300L. Now we made it!

Fringer EF-FX smart adapter products would be available soon. Visit my website for more information on all Fringer’s products.”

Last month, Fringer also uploaded a video showing the electronic aperture control on Canon EF lenses here, as well as a video showing the AF using the Sigma 30/1.4 which you can see here.

via fringerdev

Regarding smart adapters, here is a little overview of available or soon to come adapters.