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Fujifilm X-Pro2 Firmware ver. 4.00 Camera Lock Up Reports


X-Pro2 Bug Report

I have received several reports, including some shared at our Fujifilm X-Pro facebook group, about lock-ups on the X-Pro2 with the new firmware version 4.00.

The good news: the lock up seems to occur only when using advanced filters, definitely not a core feature of the X-Pro2. And it only occurs when shooting Compressed RAW+JPEG.

But anyway, it should work, no matter how important or not this feature is.

Speaking of advanced filters…

Personally I never use those filters. Oh well, actually I tried them one time on my X-E2 back in 2014, as you can see here. But I know most X shooters prefer to create their own effects in post production.

However, I also sometimes stumble on Fuji X images taken with the miniature effect. So the filters are something fun to use now and then for some fellow X shooters out there.

And wherever there is a Fuji X or GFX shooter, who can’t have fun with his/her camera, because of some issue, FujiRumors will be the first to support them.

So, dear Fujifilm, the FujiRumors community lets you know about this issue and would like you to come up with a fix as soon as possible.

With that said… huge thanks for all the Kaizen love the X-Pro2 just got :)

Any other bugs you noticed on the X-Pro2?

X-Pro2 FW 4.00: do you experience Lock-ups when shooting Advanced Filters at Compressed RAW + JPEG?

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