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Fujifilm X-H1 IBIS Camera Will Have Better Hand Grip Compared to X-T2

Fujifilm X-T2s - the Successor of the Fujifilm X-T2

Fujifilm X-T2S

UPDATE: Fujifilm changed the name from X-T2s to X-H1. All rumored specs remain the same

Here is a little Fujifilm X-T2S update… and I guess it comes not really surprising for most of you guys.

You know that the Fujifilm X-T2S will be Fuji’s first (actually second) camera with in body image stabilization. I assume it will keep the design philosophy of the X-T line, but of course there will be some changes, in order to accommodate the IBIS mechanism and also to improve usability when shooting videos.

I hear that one of these changes will be a better/bigger hand grip on the Fujifilm X-T2S compared to the (soon to be discounted) Fujifilm X-T2.

Considering that the Fujifilm X-T2S IBIS camera will probably also be the first choice for X-shooters interested in the huge “OIS-less” Fujinon MK18-55mm F2.9 and MK50-130mm T2.9 lenses, a bigger hand grip just makes sense… although one could also simply attach an optional grip, as Alessandro noted in the comments.

Fujifilm said the MK18-55mm F2.9 and MK50-130mm T2.9 cine lenses will hit the market in 2018 (originally planed for the end of 2017). What a coincidence that at the same time according to this rumor, a Fuji camera with IBIS, the X-T2S, will hit the market, too ;).

That’s it for now, but don’t miss the future news and rumors and…

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