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First Win: Fujifilm X100V Looks Sexier than X100F You Say :)


For a while I thought, that it could happen.

Maybe the internet would find the the ultimate harmony and bring the perfect balance into the camera world.

In fact, the various Fujifilm X100V vs Fujifilm X100F beauty surveys, showed a 50/50 preference for each camera.

And I was hoping, that maybe it could happen, like in the “neutral response” Futurama video clip on youtube, where humanity unites since 10+ years to keep the balance between upvotes and downvotes.

But at the end, the Fujifilm X100V turned out the slight favorite in all of our surveys:

So, at least according to the FujiRumors community, Fujifilm was able to make the sexiest camera in the Fujifilm world even sexier. That’s already a nice achievement.

  • – “Don’t Touch that Camera!” and About the Inspiration Behind the Fujifilm X Series Design

Fujifilm X100V
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