Fujifilm Will Release a Dark Grey Fujifilm X-Pro2 – Trusted Source


Graphite X-Pro2 Mock-up by FR-reader Everaldo

Dark Grey X-Pro2

According to a trusted source, Fujifilm has a dark grey Fujifilm X-Pro2 in the pipeline. In the Fuji world everything can change quickly, but for now the release is set to 2017.

I’m not sure for now, if it will have the same color of the graphite X-T1 or be even darker. For sure it won’t the the bright silver we know from the X-E2 or X-T10.

Just like the X100 black limited edition and the graphite X-T1, also the dark grey Fujifilm X-Pro2 should be more expensive than the regular black one.

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“G-Factor”: Medium Format Lenses to be Called “XG”

Medium Format Lenses

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And after XF and XC, we will now get the XG lenses. That’s how the Medium Format lenses will be called ;)

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Trusted Source

Source Right in The Past

  • Will be launched along with 3 lenses (rumor here)
  • Will be mirrorless with interchangeable lenses (rumor here)
  • No X-Trans Sensor (rumor here)
  • PRIME: Around 100-120mm Macro. PRIME: Around 50mm. ZOOM: Around 20-60 (rumor here)

New Source/Anonymous Source

The Medium Format Fujifilm Will Have an Interchangeable Viewfinder


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The Interchangeable Viewfinder

I’ve heard this first from an anonymous source a couple of days ago (thanks), and I can now confirm it also via trusted source (thanks again): the Medium Format Fujifilm will have an interchangeable viewfinder!

So what’s that? It sounds like the intercheangable viewfinder we find on the PhaseOne XF, where you can attach a waist level viewfinder (verical tilting) or a standard viewfinder. Of course the PhaseOne solution is for Optical Viewfinders… now you just imagine the same with EVF’s.

See the PhaseOne XF Video below to get a more clear idea.

For the Full Rumored Specs click READ MORE below.

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Pre-order Fuji X Mount Samyang 35mmF1.2 / EF-X500 Flash Postponed to November / Metz Mecablitz M400 (HSS + TTL) Coming / Leica is the New Fuji… of the Instax World /

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Fujifilm & Flash :: The State of The Art & Rumors + NEW Metz Mecablitz M400 Announced with HSS + TTL Support


Is this the EF-X500 Killer? Metz Mecablitz M400. HSS and TTL Fujifilm X Compatible

EF-X500 Flash
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Fujifilm & Flash

UPDATE: Metz will launch the METZ MECABLITZ M400. HSS and TTL Fujifilm X Compatible. More here (translation)

Fujifilm & Flash… a long (and often painful) story. However, over the last years, we have seen some improvements, and some companies, like Nissin, started to support Fujifilm X-series cameras.

But it’s when you think that things go better, that Fuji is able to make it worst again ;)

In fact, with the launch of the X-T2, Fujifilm also introduced changes in the flash protocol to support the EF-X500 flash system. New protocol… and hence flashes that work on the X-T1 are now no more supported on the X-T2.

The good news is: everything can (hopefully) be fixed with Firmware updates.

So here is a Recap:


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