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ORGANIC SENSOR: The Problem? Too much battery drain and too much heat being generated (new sources)


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The organic sensor isn’t just a futuristic patent popped out somewhere on the web. In fact it’s Fujifilm itself, that officially announced its development. The official press release says that, together with Panasonic, Fujifilm is working on an organic sensor that will deliver “Industry’s highest dynamic range”.

But what is the situation now? Well, according to 2 new sources the problems are the following:

New source 1) too much battery drain & problems to find a proper processor
New source 2) too much heat being generated

Could these problems be the reason for the Fujifilm X-PRO2 delay? Will it feature an organic sensor once these issues are sorted out? Is this the sensor Fuji is waiting to be ready before launching its new flagship (see this rumor)?

I don’t know it… and I still have NO (!) reliable or even semi-reliable information about a Fujifilm X-PRO2 sporting an organic sensor. However, this weekend I’ve received an anonymous rumor pointing into this direction, but I’d like to hear what trusted sources say about it before sharing more details.

If there is anyone out there who could help to dissipate the doubts and share some more information about the sensor of the Fujifilm X-PRO2, then feel free to contact me 100% anonymously via rumor box (using a nick-name, so that I can eventually recognize you in future) or also via email at fujirumor [at] gmail [dot] com (you can create a fake email address if you prefer).

stay tuned
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