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Sigma DC DN vs Fujinon XF Size Comparison


As we told you a few weeks ago, Sigma will announce X mount lenses “soon”. I never gave a date (and hence I never said they would be announced today, Feb.9), but I confirm everything I said so far, hence that they will come “soon” and that Sigma will start their X mount adventure with these three lenses:

Assuming that Sigma will not design completely new lenses, but use the current design and just adapt the mount to make it fit on X series cameras, I have made a couple of comparisons already.

One spec that is maybe better seen on images rather than expressed in numbers, is the size of the lenses.

So I used the database to compare the future Sigma X mount lenses to their Fujifilm X mount counterparts.

Note that I’ve mounted the Sigma lenses on a Sony A6600 and the Fujinon lenses on an X-Pro3, since that way both lenses have their mount pretty much perfectly aligned. And of course, camerasize has the Sigma lenses with lens hood, but it’s really not a massive effort of imagination to “think away” those lens hoods.

For the full specs comparison, you can click the links below:

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