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RUMOR: This is the Fujifilm X100VI Battery


→No Time to Read or Watch: it’s this battery here

One of the most urgent questions regarding the Fujifilm X100VI is:

will it use the NP-W126S battery or the bigger NP-W235 battery?

Well, today we have the answer.

According to new, anonymous and confirmed also by trusted sources (thanks to ALL of you!!), the Fujifilm X100VI will use the NP-W126S battery.

And if you ask me, it makes sense.

It’s clear that Fujifilm had to make a decision, that either way would have made people moan: they can put in the bigger NP-W235 battery, which would result in a bigger camera body and people would complain about the size increase of the camera, or they can keep the same size of the X100V (just 1mm thicker) and go for the NP-W126S, in which people would complain about battery life.

Fujifilm decided to contain the size of the camera body. And I honestly agree with this decision. Here is why.

First: not all hope is lost!

Because remember, when Fujifilm launched the X100V, it had a better battery life than the X100F, despite using the same battery (420 vs 390 shots). And that was possible, because the X100V had a more efficient processor. And we know that the X100VI will use an even more efficient processor, so who knows, maybe Fujifilm will be able to squeeze out a bit more battery life from the NP-W126S thanks to the X Processor 5. But that’s not a rumor, just a speculation of mine.

Also, the ultimate solution is anyway to carry a little spare battery with you. That’s literally all it needs to go out with the inner peace that you’ll never run out of battery for the day. That’s how I do it when I am out with my X-E3 (like in the video above). And honestly, often I don’t even need the second battery because one NP-W126S usually gets me through the day.

So, personally I am fine with Fujifilm’s decision. I prefer a sleeker and smaller body than more battery life in a bigger body.

But let me know what you think and vote the survey below.

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