APS-C battle: X100S vs RicohGR vs Leica X2 vs Nikon A vs Sigma DP1


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This one is a tough battle: X100S vs Ricoh GR vs NikonA vs Leica X2 vs Sigma DP1 Merril!

It’s a comprehensive comparison with a lot of sample images: portrait, ISO, sharpness, moiree, bokeh and much more. Take your time to compare all the sample images and decipher the google translated text version.. Check it out here (translation) and then vote your overall favorite camera in the poll.


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Iridient Developer 2.2 update released


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Version 2.2 of Iridient Developer is now available for download! This release features a number of new features and improvements, particularly for the Fuji X-Trans models! I’ve already posted several articles about this software, which some consider the best for X-Trans RAF’s until now. But check it out by yourself in the following posts: thevisualexperience / thevisualexperience and dpreview / soundimageplus

New Fujifilm specific features include:
1) New support for X-M1 RAW images!
2) automatic lens distortion correction based on camera RAW metadata
3) automatic vignetting corrections based on RAW file metadata
4) a new smoother, “Soft Look” demosaic option which also fixes a bug with previous 2.1 version where enabling “Soft Look” option would result in ugly color cast issue
5) updated camera tone curve and baseline exposure to better match the camera JPEGs and other software
6) support for detailed lens model name metadata
7) support for several RAW white balance presets (tungsten, daylight and cloudy)
8) fixes for ISO gains at 3200 and 6400 (perviously images would be very dark by default at these high ISO settings)

The new Iridient Developer 2.2 release can now be downloaded here:

Full release notes for this version can be viewed here:

_ _ _

P.S.: You can’t wait anymore? For $60 extra you can grab an X100S at AmazonUS via third party reseller. To have it for normal price Amazon says you have to wait from 3 to 6 weeks.

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XF 27mm: technical test at dslrmagazine and some impressions at sgoldswoblog


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for a limited time, you can get 4% reward on lenses and cameras at AmazonUS here.

1) dslrmagazin tested the XF 27mm lens here (tranlsation). The lens is not cheap, but has the right “balance between size, weight, performance… and it’s an XF

2) Some impressions and images can be checked out here at sgoldswoblog: “In the final analysis: the 35mm will give you sharper pictures and a wider aperture, but is larger and slower to focus; whereas the 18-55mm is sharper in the centre, but is larger and has a narrower maximum aperture at 27mm. However, I think there is a good place for this lens, even if you don’t plan to use it all the time. It’s sharp enough, small enough and fast enough to AF that I plan to have it with me when I’m carrying my X-Pro1. The only real downside for me is the price, which was £379 at launch. I don’t feel cheated but I think £300-350 would be fairer, given the limitations of the lens. Other than that, I’m very happy with the 27mm.”

Fuji X-M1: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay Fuji XF 27mm: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay

 image courtesy: dslrmagazine

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FR-readers zone: “the X100S has truly changed everything for me”



Hi Patrick, I saw quite a few stories on how Fuji X impacted others so I thought I would share mine.

I’m not a pro photographer but I got more serious about taking photos, roughly 3 years ago, mostly using Nikin d300s with 50mm 1.4 lens (great combo). As time passed I got more and more annoyed how cumbersome dSLR (especially since I realized, I want to focus on street photography).

After using my camera only once in few months I decided to sell it and I got x100s in late March (probably one of the first sold in Poland).

This camera truly changed everything for me, I always have it in my bag and I use it often (it is about 4 months and I’m nearing to 10,000 photos…). Most importantly it made me enjoy photography at the level I never enjoyed before. Obviously, big part of it is the image quality it can produce. Here is a recent example from Istanbul (where I live):

If someone is interested I have more on my web page: www.3timesm.com

Thank you,


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Dan Bailey

Ice Man Dan Bailey went out of house with his X-E1 and X20, took a Cessna and flew to the Knik Glacier to shoot some shoot some icescapes. He shared his images at the FR-twitter page. You can see them here at Dan Bailey’s website.

“For camera gear, I brought along my Fujifilm X20 and the Fujifilm X-E1 with the wideangle XF 14mm lens that I’ve been borrowing. I’ve been shooting quite a bit with this combo lately. I like to use the X-E1 for shooting high quality RAW imagery and detailed landscapes, and the X20… well, I just can’t leave the house without it.”

Dan also shared on the FR-twitter page the 10 reasons why he loves the X10/X20. Read them here.

Dan Bailey

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“I don’t have any rumors or news. I have a LA based photo Blog and shoot with a Fuji X-Pro1 and X-E1 as well as Nikon gear. I just posted a Fuji Gallery page and a few posts about street shooting with Fuji-X cameras. Yes this is a shameless plug from a fan of your site but heck I love shooting with these cameras and try to read up on tricks and tips… -Noel noelkentphoto.com”


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Hi, I did buy the X100S in Romania, before it was even available in America, to my surprise. I’ve put myself some photos made with X100S in Istanbul, as I was working for some days there. I’m not a photographer, it’s just my little hobby (to see what can do from the hands of an amateur also :)) ): click here.

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Hi, Love the site, a new Fuji X-pro 1 user.  If you are interested, I just did a short review about the camera’s panoramic feature with some shots about a “ghost town” in China.  Link if you like. Thanks, Mitch” Click here.


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