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Fujifilm X Summit WATCH LIVE – NOW on FujiRumors! – GFX100S, GF80/1.7, X-E4, XF70-300, XF27MKII


Fujifilm X Summit – LIVE COVERAGE

Fujifilm X Summit Live Stream starts now. You can follow it here on FujiRumors (video above, click the play button).

Why GFX – More than Full Frame

  • factory tour where GFX gear is made
  • for resolution and image quality, choosing large GFX format is the best choice
  • fine details make things more real
  • shadow tones and highlights get richer information
  • beautiful bokeh
  • Resolution, Tone and Bokeh are reasons why Fujifilm went with large format
  • film simulation creat photographic expressions
  • nostalgic negative is new film simulation


  • except sensor, everything redesigned compared to GFX100 (shutter, IBIS etc)
  • full frame sized MF camera
  • GFX100S only 900g
  • 30% smaller camera body and 500g lighter than GFX100
  • only 160g heavier than Canon R5
  • 6 stops IBIS
  • firmware has been improved
  • Autofous of GFX100S will “blow your mind”
  • AF speed of 0.18s. You can capture sports and wild animals
  • phase detection works down to -5.5EV
  • improved face/eye AF – 50% shorter time lag
  • shoots 4K
  • $5,999
  • shipping February
  • more than full frame
  • every camera inspected before shipping
  • high precision manufacturing
  • X summit is filmed on GFX100S


  • $2,299
  • shipping February
  • great for portraits


  • $799
  • 580g
  • compact and great IQ


  • $849
  • lightest and smaller X series camera
  • front body panel totally flat
  • easy to fit in pocket
  • to use in casual and formal situations
  • 4th generation sensor and processor
  • 180 LCD flip up screen
  • surface is flat when LCD positioned on the back (like X100V)
  • small camera won’t give feeling of intimidation to the subjects

XF27mmF2.8 R WR

  • $399
  • almost same size and weight of original XF27mm
  • has aperture ring and is weather sealed
  • is between 35 and 50mm, and has characteristics of both focal lengths
  • more attractive lens than your expectations
  • 448g paired with X-E4

Fujifilm will launch a new program for GFX photographers, the “GFX challenge program”. More details will be announced soon.

Nostalgic Negative

  • for nostalgic negative, Fujifilm needs large sensor. It can’t be implemented simply to APS-C. Fujifilm needs more time to develop Nostalgic Negative for the APS-C system

Sony A1

  • managers say it’s a great camera

Firmware Updates

  • coming for X100V, X-Pro3 and X-T3

Live Discussions

  • a few years ago, medium format was for studio work, now with the GFX100S it’s a really carry around camera you can use handheld
  • for two years, Fujifilm worked hard on how to make GFX100 smaller and lighter


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