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Fujifilm X-S10 Coming with X-T4 alike Selfie Screen


You guys are really getting better ;).

When we shared the first rumors of the upcoming Fujifilm X-S10, many of you predicted it would have a selfie screen (or let’s call it “vary-angle screen“, which sounds more “professional“).

Well, you were absolutely right.

The Fujifilm X-S10 will indeed have a selfie screen, and to be more precise, the X-T4 selfie screen (not the unique X-T100 screen).

In my opinion, unless you shoot selfie video/photos, the 3-way tilt screen of the X-T3 is the better way to go, as it will always stay nicely centered to your camera and never go in the way of your strap (I wrote about how annoyed I am that my Peak Design strap always covers the X-T4 selfie screen when I tilt it out).

Yep, you can tilt the X-T4 screen inwards to protect the LCD, but a ridiculously cheap X-T4 screen protector will do the same job.

The real advantage of the selfie screen is one, and only one: when tilted inwards, the camera looks even more vintage. And I like that :).

But if you stand behind the camera, and not in front, a regular 3-way tilt screen is just better.

To be fair, as a teacher during COVID-19 times, I must admit the selfie screen on my X-T4 served me very well. But if it wasn’t for that, I’d see no point in selfie screens.

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