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Fujifilm X-Pro3 Stories #3: Aged or Damaged


Fujifilm X-Pro3

Fujifilm published the third episode of its Fujifilm X-Pro3 stories series, called “Aged or Damaged“:

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#3 – Aged or Damaged

Semiconductor performance doubles every two years. […] two years will see amazing advances in the performance of the main components—the sensors and processors— used in the construction of digital cameras. […]

we not uncommonly see consumers upgrading to a new model before their current camera has had a chance to get old. […]

the best cameras are those that last the longest.

From a business perspective, a long product-replacement cycle represents a loss, but I find it strange to be planning the sale of a new model the minute a customer buys the current one.

That’s how […] I hit upon the idea of using an image of an old and worn X-Pro2 in the catalog. The message was, “Please keep using this product till it looks like this.” […]

The reason why we love our damaged equipment is that each chip and scratch is part of both our and our camera’s history. If you added the scratches yourself [admin note: as some do, to make it look as if it went through some tough adventure], what then would you say when asked what shot you were taking when the damage occurred?

we did it [admin note: the titanium X-Pro3 with Duratect coating] because it is tough and rugged.

During development, we also learned about the Duratect™ process. Although titanium is itself quite hard, it achieves hardnesses as high as 1500 HV when coated with DURA Silver and 1200 HV when coated with DURA Black—seven to ten times harder than stainless steel and second only to materials such as diamond or sapphire, rendering it virtually impervious to damage from ordinary files and blades (“HV” = “Vickers Hardness Units”, a measure of hardness). These are the two colors I recommend to customers who intend to cherish their cameras, as these options will allow them to enjoy a beautiful finish that takes advantage of the titanium base.

One cannot deny that with age comes beauty—it’s why we offer a half-matte black option. But neither can we stop progress, and that’s why the half-matte black model also features titanium cladding. Any scratches or peeling paint will reveal either gray magnesium or the metallic shine of the base titanium, each of which have their own peculiar beauty.

Personally, I do not have any issues with my cameras getting some scratched here and there. My X-E3 is scratched, too, and it’s almost inevitable, given the tough conditions I often bring it to, for example hiking on my wild mountains.

But if you want a camera, that keeps its original aesthetic look for as long as possible, the the Duratect X-Pro3 is the way to go.

Read the full story at fujifilm-x.

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see video here – Fujifilm X-Pro3 Duratect Coating: First Scratch Resistance Test