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Fujifilm BAYER vs X-TRANS Blind Test: 88% of Preferences Go To…


Almost 2 years ago, I wrote a comprehensive article comparing the virtues of Bayer vs X-Trans sensor, giving you reasons why Fujifilm should stick with X-Trans, and on the other hand telling you also why for other reasons Fujifilm should leave X-Trans for its APS-C sensors.

Attention: it’s a long article. So do not click this link, if you don’t like it when my articles are too long.

I stand by everything I said back then.

Of course the debate is not ending. Hence, Andrew did what probably is the best thing to do, to evaluate which sensor is better: a blind test.

200+ people commented on his video, and since people do not like long articles, I will leave it to you to read them all, take paper and pen, and note all the results.

Nah… you know what?

I’ll do it for you. I love it when I simplify your life and save you some time.

So, I’ve checked out all the comments, and marked the results on a paper.

There were some (not many) cases, where people didn’t have a clear preference and said that both are very good.

In most cases, people had a rather clear preference.

Sometimes people got more or less equal results between 2 cameras, in which case I gave a point to each camera.

The cameras tested are:

And here are the results people shared in the comments:

  • X-T100 – 7% preferences
  • X-A5     – 5% preferences
  • X-T3     – 43,5% preferences
  • X-T20  – 44,5% preferences

If we talk X-Trans vs Bayer:

  • X-Trans: 88%
  • Bayer:     12%

And what did people say, why they preferred X-Trans more?

  • less noise
  • quality of noise is better
  • better colors
  • better microcontrast
  • looks more natural
  • more dynamic range

Now go ahead, check out Andrew’s video below, and make the test by yourself. And if you want, here are some articles, that might interest you:

  • read here – High ISO Sony A7II Vs. Fuji X-Pro2: “Even at ISO 25,600 difference less than half stop. X-Pro2 better color fidelity. Well done, Fuji!”
  • read here – Fujifilm X-Trans Vs. Bayer: Pros and Cons of Going Bayer or Sticking with X-Trans Sensor
  • read here – DPR says that 16MP X-Trans Sensor has an effective resolution that “is not much lower than 24MP Bayer

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