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“Sharpness beyond my expectations!”: Fashion/Portrait shoot with Olivia Lazer and the 16MP X-Trans Fujifilm X-T1


Can the Fujifilm X-T1 do studio work? Are 16MP enough for a PRO fashion/portrait photo shoot? Well, dpreview tests confirm that “although it is “just” 16MP, thanks to the X-Trans sensor, combined with its XF range of lenses, its effective resolution is not much lower than 24MP… and no moiree, which is one of the benefits of the X-Trans in the X-T1 (for example for things like clothing with really high frequency patterns)

But technical test are one thing… what about the real world? So, dpreview gave the Graphite Fujifilm X-T1 to professional portrait & fashion photographer Olivia Lazer (she uses Full Frame DSLR for her work) and she went through the whole process, from the photo shooting to the final post processing. At the end she says:

I was surprised in terms of just the sharpness overall. The X-T1 definitely went beyond my expectation. When I’m retouching, the final step is to add sharpening, but what I noticed when I was using the Fuji, is that I didn’t apply the sharpening to any of the images.”

But the talk & test is not just about sharpness… check out the whole video on youtube here.


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