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HIGH ISO Sony A7II Vs. Fuji X-Pro2: “Even at ISO 25,600 difference less than half stop. X-Pro2 better color fidelity. Well done, Fuji!”

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Don’t blame me guys… I just report what others say about the X-Pro2 (the good and the bad)… and in this case it’s the well known and respected review site admiringlight. Of course you are free to choose whom you trust or not. That said, admiringlight has, IMHO, shown in all these years that they really know their craft.

And now let’s talk about high-ISO!

Remeber when focus-numerique said they could not spot any difference between the Full Frame 24MP Sony A7II and the Fujifilm X-Pro2 at High-ISO? Well, admiringlight could see a difference, but even at ISO 25,600 it is just slightly in favor of the Sony A7II (less than a half a stop).

Oh… and before you start saying that Fuji cheats at high-ISO, admiringlight knows about the different ISO standards Sony and Fuji use, and compensated for that in its test.

Here an excerpt:

At ISO 6400 and below, the two cameras are extremely close in noise performance…I’d estimate 1/3 stop difference or less.  At ISO 12,800 and 25,600, the difference is a bit more pronounced, but still less than a half a stop difference, which I think shows a great performance from the X-Pro2.

However, the crops above don’t tell the whole story at the highest ISOs.  While the color fidelity of both cameras is fairly impressive as ISOs climb, it is particularly neutral with the X-Pro2, which shows no noticeable color cast as ISOs increase.  But most telling is in looking at the whole images, where the dark background of the images show distinct differences.  The X-Pro 2 maintains good color control here and shows no visible banding. […]

Now take a look at the Sony image at ISO 25,600, below. While the well illuminated areas show slightly less noise, the dark background shows some pattern noise and maybe even some slight banding, with a slight purple color cast. There’s even what appears to be some sensor heat artifacts in one spot along the top edge, to the left of the book, that is showing some purplish blobs.”

admiringlight also compares the X-Pro2 with the X-T1, where the results up to ISO6,400 are similar, but “at ISO 12,800 and 25,600, the X-Pro 2 shows it’s stuff. There’s a noticeable detail advantage (again, even downsampled), and the noise is finer grained on the X-Pro 2. Still, it’s maybe a half stop difference at ISO 25,600 and maybe 1/3 stop difference at ISO 12,800.”

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