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DPRTV Fujifilm X-T4 Review: “One of the Best Hybrid Cameras, But if You are a Video Shooter, Maybe Wait for Fujifilm X-H2”


DPReviewTV published their Fujifilm X-T4 review.

Down below the video and the summary for those, who don’t have time right now to watch it all.

  • some people say that X-T4 is not a worthy upgrade to X-T3, but Jordan and Chris do not agree with that
  • autofocus is incredibly robust. Face and eye detection work fantastic
  • new tracking interface, with a single box that can follow the subject you chose [FujiRumors described it here]
  • tracking interface is by far nicer than any other Fujifilm camera
  • in single AF, you can lock the focus on a subject, recompose (the camera stays locked on your subject) and then you take the image. Works great
  • in continuous AF, the hit rate is decent, but there are a few misses. It’s not bad performance, but Canon and Sony have better continuous tracking autofocus. Also, might get confused if there are similar colors in the frame
  • overall X-T4 autofocus is very high end and usable
  • one of the nicest shutters he ever used. Super silent, stable, you don’t really feel it
  • Body has a perfect weight for hand-holding it
  • 15 fps mechanical
  • X-T4 IBIS is smaller and lighter than X-H1
  • with X-T4 and XF90mmF2, he was able to get down at 1/4th or 1/5th of a second and get usable results. That puts it up there with lots of the micro four thirds systems
  • X-T4 IBIS beats the Sony A6000 system IBIS
  • 26MP X-Trans sensor, he wonders why it is not used by other brands in APS-C cameras, as this is the best APS-C sensor they have come across
  • he loves the fully articulating screen
  • Jordan says the X-T3 already gave him his favorite video image out of any APS-C camera without having to go to a dedicated high-end video camera
  • X-T4 rectifies most of the issues he had with X-T3: bigger battery gives 2 hours of runtime and it has IBIS
  • if you shoot locked-off, there is a boost mode that really makes it look like using a tripod (unless you shoot very long focal lengths)
  • IBIS can have some issue if you plan to do deliberate camera moves, like panning. It can hesitate and make movement a little bit jerky
  • IBIS in video not as fluid as on Panasonic cameras, but Fujifilm can fix it in firmware
  • X-T4 has one of Jordan’s favorite video interfaces out there
  • 240fps slow motion image quality is noticeably worse than 120 fps, but it’s great to have the 240fps option
  • there is LOG assist
  • no headphone jack (only in the vertical grip), but you can use USB-C to adapt the headphone jack
  • for photographers, who shoot video quite often, the X-T4 is one of the best bodies out there
  • if you are a dedicated video shooter, it might be worth to wait for a Fujifilm X-H2 that has a headphone jack, some more assist tools like an XLR adapter
  • Jordan thinks that an X-H2 is on the horizon
  • Fujifilm took one of the best cameras on the market (X-T3) and fixed a lot of issues that that camera had remaining
  • if the X-T4 had the autofocus of Sony or Canon, it would be the undisputed king of APS-C cameras
  • would be great if Fujifilm would move the autofocus tracking interface of X-T4 via firmware to X-T3

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