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DPReviewTV Fujifilm X-S10 vs Sony a6400


DPReviewTV just posted their Fujifilm X-S10 vs Sony A6400 comparison. The winner comes unsurprising ;).

Here is the summary:


  • Sony A6400 menu is terrible. Has grip. Record button is in terrible position. Bad touch interface. But it’s small
  • Sony A6400 is smaller than Fujifilm X-S10, but also X-S10 is compact, fantastic grip. Has control dials that you can operate with two different fingers. Has joystick


  • X-S10 has higher resolution display and is fully articulating. Nice EVF
  • A6400 less resoultion display and tilt upwards
  • EVF res is the same, but higher refresh rate for A6400


  • Fujifilm has come very far in their AF technology
  • Sony has real time autofocus tracking. Users don’t want to fiddle around with different modes
  • on X-S10, you can put the AF box on a subject, and then it will keep tracking it
    [Note: also the Fuji switches automatically between face/eye and subject tracking. I think DPReviewTV just does not know about it. FujiRumors showed you how it works here]
  • Sony has better hit rate in face/eye tracking

Image Quality

  • Fujifilm has 2 more megapixel and great film simulations
  • Fujifilm sensor is very advanced and scans so quickly with so little rolling shutter. Electronic shutter on X-S10 is much better


  • X-S10 is so much better, with 1080p/240fps (the Sony can’t). X-S10 has headphone jack option, Sony A6400 not
  • Sony A6400 has no IBIS and X-S10 has IBIS.
  • A6400 has great video tracking AF
  • the Sony A6600 would have IBIS and headphone jack, but it’s another price point
  • X-S10 has IBIS and a low price point

Battery Life

  • Sony A6400 has better battery life
  • While the battery on the X-S10 drains faster, you can also charge the battery way faster via the modern USB-C port in the camera


  • Fujifilm has a great range of lenses. Third parties don’t make much for X mount, as Fujifilm has lots of the needs covered already with its own glass
  • Sony has great APS-C lenses, and Tamron and Sigma have made lots of nice primes and zooms for the Sony E-mount system


  • Fujifilm X-S10 is a fantastic camera that wins lots of categories. it’s also 2 years newer. Remains to see what Sony comes up next

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