More Fuji news: Zeiss to ship in June (Europe). Firmware updated for X-PRO1 and X-E1 cameras on May 23rd.

It’s a huge Fuji day! And news keep coming in so this is the roundup of the latest info I got from readers and sources:

First of all thanks to the one source that end of last year told us that the Zeiss X-mount primes would be announced in April. He was definitely correct :)
The image on top of the post shows you the new full X camera-lens stuff including the newly announced 55-200mm, 27mm pancake and the two Zeiss primes! Click on the image to see a full size version to pixel peep the lenses :)
An European Zeiss dealer told us that both lenses will ship in Europe from June.

Fuji X camera firmware update:
Fuji Japan officially announce the release of a new firmware update for May 23rd (Source:

Fuji 55-200mm zoom and 27mm pancake:
The 55-200mm shipment will start from May 25th (Source: and the 27mm pancake sales will start in June. The zoom can be preordered at BHphoto (Click here). Let me know if you can find more preorders (

Live updated Fuji news roundup! 55-200mm lens, roadmap, Zeiss…

Note: I will continually update this post with new links. So keep watching!

US readers can already preorder the brand new Fuji 55-200mm lens at BHphoto (Click here).

And here is the full Fuji news roundup:

photographyblog 55-200 sample pics here.
Full report about the Fuji 55-200mm and lens roadmap announcement by Rico here on Fujirumors.
Presentation at Fujiguys (youtube) and preview by Fujiguys (youtube).
Hands-on at ePhotozine.
Full preview at Dpreview.
XF 55-200mm press release at ePhotozine, Techradar, Whatdigitalcamera, Photographyblog, Nikkei (Japanese), Fujifilm USA, Photoscala (German), Quesabesde (Spanish),

RUMOR: lens roadmap update – 56mm f1.2 (not f1.4) delayed to Jan 2014?

Every Fujirumors reader knows it: the 55-200 will be officially announced tomorrow, and, maybe even more important, the lens roadmap will be updated… so what’s new?

FR-reader Richard (the one who created the X-M9 and the sniper X-E1) directed my attention here, where a source said that Fuji will release the 56mm f1.2 (and not f1.4) on Jan 2014 (delayed to the original roadmap.)

The 56 f1.4 is the third release-option in our poll. If this rumor is true, would you like this “new” lens to be released earlier? So I start this new poll with the rumored 56mm f1.2 lens

thanks Richard… and we are waiting for a new crazy X-E1 configuration!



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X100S at f/2: riflessifotografici feedback

child photo dscf0077-edit-2-edit_zps2b17156d.jpg

image courtesy: Max Angeloni (riflessifotografici) – X-Pro1 – 35mm, Color Efex Pro4

[Reminder: At the X100S Cnet review here the reviewer talked about an “almost unusable” lens performance at f/2 for anything closer than 10 feet (3 meters).]

I dropped an email to the riflessifotografici-guys. They are right now deep into the testings of X100S and X20. (on March 11 they posted the X100S first impression here, and the X20 first impressions here). So they are quite busy, but found the time to answer me.

They are checking the X100S “unusable f/2” and compared it also with the old X100 at f/2. According to their first impressions, they suppose that those reviewers who reported problems shooting wide open with subjects closer than 10 feet probably tested a pre-production X100S that may not have been perfectly adjusted.

So far everything seems to be ok. But for the final word we’ll have to wait their full review, where the X100S gets X-rayed by riflessifografici ;). Thanks guys.

have a great weekend

image courtesy: Max Angeloni (riflessifotografici) – X-Pro1 – 35mm a f/1.8, 6400 Iso – PP Lightroom 4.4

bike photo dscf0281_zpsd0079358.jpg