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TCSTV Live Chat with Fuji Guy Billy: How Fujifilm made X-mount IBIS Compatibile and Why Would Chris Destroy the X-H1? ;)


TCSTV Live Stream with Fuji Guy Billy

TheCameraStoreTV had a fantastic live stream with Fuji Guy Billy today, and of course it’s all about the Fujifilm X-H1. Make sure to check it out here.

I was lucky enough to attend the live stream and make my questions, but Jordan anticipated me on the first big question I wanted to make to Billy: back in 2016 Fujifilm said X mount is not compatible with IBIS. What did Fuji do on the Fujifilm X-H1 to make it compatible? Here is Billy’s answer:

We understand how IBIS works with pretty much all brands. We thought it was a very strong feature to incorporate.

At that time when we said that statement, the technology for us wasn’t there yet. Because, when we develop our cameras, image quality is number 1 for us. And we know that with IBIS, there is always some sort of loss in that, so we needed to develop a system that still mantains that high strict image quality. That really was successful with the X-H1.

We had to make the IBIS system a little bit larger in order to do so. That’s why the X-H1 itself is slightly bigger to accommodate that.

It’s the only IBIS system that has a dual processor that can make 10,000 calculations and that corrects instantly for any movement.”

How I understand this, is that Fujifilm studied other brands’ IBIS systems, they saw that those solutions won’t work on Fuji cameras, they needed time to develop a technology specific for their cameras, and their solution ended up requiring the whole camera to become bigger compared to other systems.

Heard that, I asked Billy if this means that IBIS won’t come to smaller Fujifilm cameras in future. Billy answered:

currently the IBIS system is quite large and that’s why this camera itself is large. We really want to maintain image quality. Now it’s very important for us to develop the system. I think as we learn to grow and develop, who knows where that technology will go.”

This makes hope that one day we will see IBIS also on smaller cameras. But currently, it’s not possible. Related to this, I remind you that we rumored the Fujifilm X-T3 has no IBIS.

Now just a few more highlights of a long and very interesting live chat…. oh, and do NOT miss the Wooden Niccolls movie shot entirely on X-H1.

  • Jordan says Fujifilm has quickly gone from “nothing” to “very amazing” in the video market
  • Nobody buys a GH5 or A7sII to do professional stills and video. They are video cameras that have stills option. The X-H1, though, is a fantastic stills camera that happens to do excellent video.
  • Fujifilm will offer the LUT file for ETERNA. Eterna great skin tones. ETERNA on X-T2 is very possible in future (as we rumored here, it will come)
  • X-H1 has Jordans’ favorite APS-C shutter since the Pentax K3II. Super quiet.
  • Billy confirms the SD relay recording, as we rumored here
  • 10bit: X-H1 sensor and processor don’t have the speed yet to support the incredible data 10bit has.
  • there is some rolling shutter, but pretty well controlled, especially with some lenses and IBIS
  • Firmware updates are costly, but Fujifilm is committed to them
  • X-H1 has much larger heat sink, and processor can run much higher
  • Video Autofocus: Canon is on top, but Fuji and Sony are following.
  • 15 minutes limit in 4K is due to sensor heat
  • The little things Fuji cares: they made the EVF sticking out, to avoid the nose to touch the screen, they improved the mechanism of the 3-way tilt screen and more
  • With manual focus lenses only, you only have 3 axis stabilization, because in oder to know shift, you need to know subject distance.
  • EVF black out is shorter than on X-T2
  • & a lot more… check it out and enjoy!

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