What’s the Best Pick: Fujifilm GFX100SII ($5,000) or GFX100II ($7,500) or GFX100S ($4,400)?

So we just leaked the price of the upcoming Fujifilm GFX100SII.

Now the question to answer is: what’s the best pick at this point?

  • Fujifilm GFX100SII – $5,000
    Fujifilm GFX100II – $7,500
    Fujifilm GFX100S – $4,400

This is a tough one to answer.

I mean, I am a very happy owner of the Fujifilm GFX100S myself, and my heart would say the GFX100S is never a bad pick, especially not at this price.

But Fujifilm really smashed the price on that model with the GFX100SII, bringing it dangerously close to the one its now heavily discounted predecessor.

It’s probably best to go for the GFX100SII at this point over the GFX100S.

Things change of course if we throw the Fujifilm GFX100II in the mix. Of course that one costs more, but it is also the flagship and it will beat the new GFX100SII in terms of specs and features.

Personally, if budget was not of concern, I’d go for the Fujifilm GFX100II right away.

But since budget is something most of us take into consideration, if I had no GFX camera and wanted to jump into digital medium format, I’d very likely wait go for the Fujifilm GFX100SII.


It’s part of Fuji’s 5th generation family, hence we can expect it to get more firmware love over the years. And it will have Reala Ace, better autofocus and many other good stuff that comes with the 5th generation platform.

Things would drastically change though if Fujifilm were to offer the GFX100S at $3,000. At this point it would be a deal too good to be true, and quite frankly a price where also plenty of full frame camera makers would start to worry.

I mean, 100 megapixel medium format in a camera body that is even slightly smaller than some full frame mirrorless cameras out there such as this one, would become a serious temptation for many out there. And it would also be my pick as a first GFX camera.

But as it stands now, I recommend to buy the Fujifilm GFX100SII or, if budget allows for it, go straight for the GFX100II.

Anyway… let us know in the survey below what your top pick would be.

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Fujifilm GFX100II New Dynamic Range King of Mirrorless Cameras

Photons to Photos has published its dynamic range results for the Fujifilm GFX100II.

As to expect, the GFX100II now takes the lead as the mirrorless camera that will give you the highest dynamic range with a slight boost over the Fujifilm GFX100S due to an optimized sensor design, as we explained here.

So, if you want to have a bit more margins in terms of dynamic range, the Fujifilm GFX100II is the way to go. And all this by delivering substantially more megapixel over its high resolution full frame competitors.

There are only 3 digital cameras that are better than the GFX100II listed on Photons to Photos:

  • Phase One IQ4
  • Phase One IQ3
  • Hasselblad H6D-100c

But the above are not mirrorless cameras. And they are huge, heavy and cost more than my car.

You can access the comparison we made above at this link (and also make your own one).

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Is the Fujifilm GFX100R Really Under Development? Our Sources Reveal the Truth!


GFX100R under Development?

Recently Fujifilm hosted an event for 200 journalists in Yokohama during CP+.

It’s the famous event in which Fujifilm displayed 10 X mount lenses under study.

The French website LesNumerique was present at the event and reported that they had been told that the Fujifilm GFX50R successor is currently “under development”.

Add to that that “rumors” about the imminent arrival of the Fujifilm GFX100R are popping up ahead of every X summit of the last 2 years, and it’s understandable why many have high hopes for a GFX50R replacement to come soon.

But what have our sources to say about it?

Well, here it is:

Whoever told LesNumerique that the GFX50R successor is under development was 100% wrong. And whoever shared any GFX50R successor rumor ever was willingly misleading you with fake clickbait rumors.

Phew, luckily FujiRumors never shared a single GFX50R replacement rumor ;).

The truth is this: according to our trusted sources (multiple trusted sources), Fujifilm is currently investing the staggering amount of zero dollars/euro/yen/whatever into the development of the Fujifilm GFX50R successor.

FujiRumors Must be Wrong, because…

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Fujifilm GFX100II: That’s the Name of the BEAST Coming on September 12

Finally we can stop calling it the “Fujifilm GFX100 replacement”, or speculate around with names like Fujifilm GFX150 or exotic ones like Fujifilm GFX100+.

Finally the beast has a name.

And the name is Fujifilm GFX100II.

And it’s coming to dominate charts and hearts ;).

Mic drop.

NOTE: the image above is AI generated and does not show the real camera

Fujifilm X Summit September 12 at 5 AM New York Time
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