The Medium Format Fujifilm Will Have an Interchangeable Viewfinder


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The Interchangeable Viewfinder

I’ve heard this first from an anonymous source a couple of days ago (thanks), and I can now confirm it also via trusted source (thanks again): the Medium Format Fujifilm will have an interchangeable viewfinder!

So what’s that? It sounds like the intercheangable viewfinder we find on the PhaseOne XF, where you can attach a waist level viewfinder (verical tilting) or a standard viewfinder. Of course the PhaseOne solution is for Optical Viewfinders… now you just imagine the same with EVF’s.

See the PhaseOne XF Video below to get a more clear idea.

For the Full Rumored Specs click READ MORE below.

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Medium Format Fuji: Body + Lens About the Price of the Hasselblad X1D Body Only!


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I’ve started the rumor series about the MF Fuji back in May 2015. Since then, we were able to get our hands on some specs of both, the body and the lenses. And this long rumor story will end very soon, on September 19, when the Medium Format Fujifilm will be officially persented to the world.

It will be the shining start at this years’ Photokina :-)

But how much will it cost? I already told you it will be cheaper than the Hasselblad X1D. Behind the scenes, Fujifilm can change (and did change) the estimated price Tag anytime. Just like it happened with the Fuji X-T2, which price has been raised just shortly before its announcement, due to the Kumamoto earthquake and the currency fluctuations following the Brexit vote.

At the moment, the most “safe” thing I can say (via trusted source), is that Fuji should keep the price of the Medium Format Fuji + Lens at around the same price you pay for the Hasselblad X1D body only. But I don’t know if in this regard the final decision has yet been made by Fujifilm. Fujifilm can wake up and change everything tomorrow morning. And always keep in mind that the actual release is planed, according this rumor, only in 2017.

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Trusted Source

Source Right in The Past

  • Will be launched along with 3 lenses (rumor here)
  • Will be mirrorless with interchangeable lenses (rumor here)
  • No X-Trans Sensor (rumor here)
  • PRIME: Around 100-120mm Macro. PRIME: Around 50mm. ZOOM: Around 20-60 (rumor here)

New Source/Anonymous Source

CONFIRMED – Fujifilm Medium Format To Be Unveiled September 19

Fujifilm Medium Format


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Medium Format Fujifilm

Mirrorlessrumors was the first to say it here: the Fujifilm Medium Format Fujifilm will be unveiled on September 19. And as Petapixel already said here, there is a Fujifilm Press Conference scheduled for that day (at 05:00 PM Berlin Time – 11:00 AM New York Time). You can see it also at the official Photokina Press Conference schedule here.

Well, I would like to join the club, and confirm that the Medium Format Fujifilm will indeed be unveiled on September 19.

Oh, and in my previous Medium Format rumor article, some FR-readers asked me if it’s possible that the MF Fuji will be announced on the 16th. Well, I’m afraid that on Friday the 16th of September the most exciting thing that will happen in my life will be the moment I leave the classroom and say: “finally weekend” ;)

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Fuji Manager: “Medium Format? We can Satisfy Most People with APS-C. But in Future Our Goal is to Satisfy Everyone!”

Medium Format

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Following the Fujifilm X-T2 launch, dpreview had a talk with 3 important Fuji Managers: Yuji Igarashi, Takashi Ueno and Ryouichi Takamoto.

Of course a lot of talk about the Fujifilm X-T2. But not only. Here some excerpts:

Q: Could 4K movie recording be added to the X-Pro 2 with firmware?
A: No. Because of hardware issues. We’d need to add a heatsink, which the X-Pro 2 doesn’t have because we wanted to maintain its body size.

Q: Why did you decide not to include a touchscreen on the X-T2?
One reason is that a key feature of the X-series is dial operation. And dial operation and touch operation are completely different, so combining them could be confusing. The typical way of shooting with X-series cameras is with your eye to the viewfinder, and to use a touchscreen you’d have to take your eye away from the finder.

Q: Hasselblad just released the X1D – a relatively compact medium format camera. Do you think there is an opportunity for Fujfilm in this market in the future?
A: We’re keeping our eye on that market, and the full-frame market too, but we’re still focusing on our APS-C range. […] The question of sensor size depends on what the user wants, as an output. If you’re using a medium format camera and you definitely need that for the work you’re doing, maybe APS-C is too small. But for general use, I think our [current] APS-C sensor is comparable to full-frame image quality. I think we can satisfy most people. But in future our goal is to satisfy everyone.

Read also the Following Medium Format Fujifilm Rumors: 50MP Sensor & Available 2017 + Definitely More Affordable than Hasselblad X1D + To Be Launched along with 3 Lenses+ 50MP Sensor & Available 2017+ Mirrorless with interchangeable lenses

Q: Is Fujfilm committed to the sub-APS-C market anymore, or are you focused now on APS-C?
A: We still do well with tough cameras. Because smartphones haven’t been able to replace them. So we’ve not completely abandoned that market. As long as there’s opportunity we’ll continue to look into it.

Comment from dpreview:

Publicly, Fujifilm is fully committed to its APS-C system, with its twin flagships, but I’d be very surprised if some of the company’s engineers aren’t looking jealously westward to Sweden, where Hasselblad recently announced the X1D. This, after all, is precisely the kind of medium format camera that Fujifilm used to be known for, back in the film days. Lightweight (ish), easy-to-use, and relatively affordable next to more traditional SLRs.

One of the gentlemen I spoke to last week said that ‘in future our goal is to satisfy everyone’. Only he knows exactly what he meant by that, but it’s fun to speculate. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Full Interview at dpreview (thanks for the link, J.)

Some Thoughts:

  1. Say goodbye forever to your dreams of a 4K Firmware for the Fuji X-Pro2
  2. It really sounds like the Manager declared the death of the X10/20/30 line. Apparently, to what belongs sensors smaller than APS-C, only the tough waterproof and shock resistant camera line of the Fujifilm XP90 will survive. Not a big surprise. Our trusted Japanese source already told us, that there is no X40 on the horizon. Moreover, the X30 and XQ2 are already officially discountinued… and not because a successor is coming anytime soon.
  3. It’s over a year now that I insist Fuji is working on a Medium Format camera. And I see around the web the Medium Format Fujifilm rumor is already taken as some kind of fact… and that’s good so, because it’s true. I tell you, if for some reason it does not come, I’ll close FR and hide somewhere forever ;) .

Hasselblad X1D: BHphoto  / AdoramaAmazonUS

Fujifilm X-T2: USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / CANADA: AmazonCA / EUROPE: AmazonDE / Calumentphoto DE / AmazonUK / AmazonITA / AmazonFR / AmazonESP / PCHstore / WexUK / AUSTRALIA: CameraPro

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MIRRORLESS MEDIUM FORMAT :: Hasselblad will make the Start… but FUJIFILM’s Counterattack is (Almost) Ready !

Fujifilm Medium Format Mirrorless Camera

SUPER X SAVINGS :: Pay only $499 for the XF14mm :: XF16mmF1.4 now $300 off … and MUCH more!

Fujifilm Medium Format Mirrorless Camera

A rumor is spreading on the web, brought to us first by mirrorlessrumors: Hasselblad is about to launch a Medium Format Mirrorless Camera! The rumors so far say it will have 50MP (just like the rumored Fujifilm Medium Format Mirrorless Camera).

It’s over a year now that I tell you about Fujifilm working on a Medium Format Camera, a familiar terrain for Fujfilm, since they already have a long Medium Format Camera and Lens production tradition (for film – like the the FUJIFILM GF670.) and they also make lenses for the [shoplink 46551 ebay]Hasselblad’s H system[/shoplink].

I tell you… Fujifilm will make use of all its experience to launch a new digital Medium Format Mirrorless line. But if you don’t trust me, then I remind you the words of Fuji Manager T. Ueno, when he said herewe are in a Very Good Position to make a Medium Format Camera

If it’s true that the mirrorless Boom is slowing down (as Tony Northrup said here), then it seems that camera manufacturers are right now looking for the next fronteer: Medium Format Mirrorless. Hasselblad makes the start. It’s sure that Fujifilm will follow soon. And it’s rumored by SAR that also Sony is seriously thinking to step into this new market.

Below a list of Fujifilm Medium Format Rumors shared over the last 13 months.

stay tuned… fun times are coming :-)
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Medium Format Fuji :: “50MP Sensor & Available 2017!” – New Source

Fujifilm Will Launch a Medium Format Camera (Top Trusted Japanese Source) :: New Source says it will be presented Photokina!

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