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POLL ** Fujifilm GFX: Which Adapters Should Fujifilm Make First? – Vintage/Third Party MF Lenses for GFX system



You know that Fujifilm reads us. And you also know that Fujifilm plans to offer adapters for the Medium Format Fujifilm GFX. Well, let’s help them to make a decision ;)

Thyl created an interesting Poll over at the Fujifilm GFX facebook group that might be very interesting for Fujifilm:

Which lens socket adapters for the Fuji GFX would be helpful for you? Check those that made sense to you.

Do you have some more adapters on your wishlist?

Search on your eBay for:

  • [shoplink 50054 ebay]Mamiya 645 lenses[/shoplink]
  • [shoplink 50055 ebay]Pentax 645 lenses[/shoplink]
  • [shoplink 50056 ebay]Contax 645 lenses[/shoplink]
  • [shoplink 50057 ebay]Nikon F lenses[/shoplink]
  • [shoplink 50058 ebay]Mamiya 7 lenses[/shoplink]
  • [shoplink 50059 ebay]Hasselblad H lenses[/shoplink]
  • [shoplink 50060 ebay]Bronica 6 x 4.5 lenses[/shoplink]
  • [shoplink 50061 ebay]Pentacon P6 lenses[/shoplink]
  • [shoplink 50062 ebay]Canon EOS lenses[/shoplink]
  • [shoplink 50069 ebay]Bronica SQA lenses[/shoplink]
  • [shoplink 50063 ebay]Rolleiflex 6006 lenses[/shoplink]
  • [shoplink 50064 ebay]Mamiya RZ lenses[/shoplink]
  • [shoplink 50065 ebay]Pentax 67 lenses[/shoplink]
  • [shoplink 50066 ebay]Canon FD lenses[/shoplink]
  • [shoplink 50067 ebay]Hasselblad F lenses[/shoplink]
  • [shoplink 50068 ebay]Hasselblad V lenses[/shoplink]
  • [shoplink 50070 ebay]Leica S lenses[/shoplink]
  • [shoplink 50071 ebay]Leica R lenses[/shoplink]

It’s not the first time that the question about adapting vintage lenses for the Fujifilm GFX arises at the facebook group. Peter already asked here:

What are your suggestions for vintage lenses for the GFX? Asuming that the diameter of the G mount is about the size of the Mamiya 645 mount, and given the GFX short flange distance, what would be the greatest vintage medium format lenses to use?”