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Top Fujifilm Gear 2018

2018 was a fantastic Fujifilm year, with lots of great gear launched. But which one was the best Fujifilm product of 2018 according to you?

Let’s see if it will be an exciting head to head race like for the best Fujifilm product 2017, or if we will have a clear winner, like in the best Fujifilm product 2016 poll.

Vote the poll down below.

Not included the Fujifilm GFX100, since we don’t have final specs, as well as lenses that are only on the roadmap so far.

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Which SUPER Fast “FULL FRAME” Lenses Should FUJIFILM Release Next?

Fujifilm’s Next Super Fast Lens

In his big e Fujifilm X-T3 Vs. Canon EOS R, Nikon Z7, Sony A7 III, Sony A7R III and Sony A9 sport photography shootout (which we shared here), Tony Northrup said, that Fujifilm needs faster glass, in order to compete with full frame also in terms of shallow DOF and ISO grain.

The Fujinon XF 200mm F2 and XF 33mm F1.0 are exactly such lenses, but as we reported here, Tony also asks for F1.8 zooms, which would put Fujifilm “in the same league as Full Frame.”

So feel free to let us know in the comments, which super fast Fujinon XF lenses Fujifilm should launch next in order to match full frame.

FYI: Fujifilm managers recently said they will never go full frame.

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Review of the Fujinon XF200mm f/2 for Motorsports Photography

Fujinon XF200mm f/2.0 LM OIS WR

Review of the Fujinon XF200mm f/2 for Motorsports Photography

by Stephen Scharf
Racing the Light Photography


I had the pleasure to use and extensively test the newly released Fujinon XF200 f/2.0 LM OIS WR in October, 2018 while covering the Sports Car Club of America’s 2018 National Championships, also know as “The Runoffs” at Sonoma Raceway, Sonoma, CA, Oct 19-21, 2018.

Fujifilm North America graciously sent me the Fujinon XF200 f/2.0 along with an X-T3 and battery grip for approximately 10 days for motorsports photography testing to compare to my Fujifilm X-H1. The purpose of the test was to collect autofocus performance data for both cameras when used in a real-world professional motorsports photography use-case, and for this weekend long test-session, I used the new XF200 f/2.0 exclusively, as well as the new 1.4X teleconverter in some situations.

BACKGROUND: I’ve been a professionally accredited motorsports photojournalist for 15 years. I’ve was an official track photographers for Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca for 7 years, and have been shooting as an accredited photojournalist for Sonoma Raceway since 2003. I cover all their professional series races, including NASCAR, NHRA Professional and Indy Car, and my photographs have been published in numerous newspapers in the SF Bay Area, including the San Francisco Chronicle, as well as various motorsports websites and magazines.


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Imagine FUJIFILM would go FULL FRAME Tomorrow Morning…

If Fujifilm Would go Full Frame….

So, top Fujifilm manager Toshi Ilda said it clearly here: “We will NEVER go Full Frame!”

NOTE: this is not an article against full frame. I just try to put myself in Fujifilm’s shoes and see what it would mean for them to go full frame.

Now, apart from the fact that I 100% agree with what CanonWatch said:

Never say never, even if you’re making the best APS-C mirrorless cameras on the market

Remember when Fujifilm said they will never be able to offer IBIS on Fuji X Mount cameras?

Anyway, Fuji says. there won’t be any full frame camera, and according to this huge FujiRumors poll, most of you guys agree with Mr. Toshi.

But imagine…

Imagine Fujifilm would go full frame tomorrow morning.

Mostly due to the slower full frame sensor readout compared to APS-C (as listed in our advantages of APS-C over Full Frame), it would be a Full Frame Fujifilm that:

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Matt Granger Fujinon XF 200mmF2 Review and More First Impressions

Matt Granger tested the Fujinon XF200mmF2 and he considers it a great lens. And even though $6,000 sounds much (and it is much), he thinks that the lens is worth the money, if we consider its performance.

And not only Matt is blown away. Check out more down below.

Fujinon XF 200mm F2: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS, Focuscamera

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