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Sigma Will Probably Continue to Ignore Fujifilm X, and Fujifilm is Happy About it


We recently reported about this (google translated) tweet, that seemed to indicate a possibility that Sigma will make Fujifilm APS-C X Mount lenses.

However, I was skeptical, and told you that this is nothing that I can confirm.

In fact, I also reminded you what Sigma officially said:

This is in line with what Fujifilm said, since they declared that they do not want to disclose their protocols with other lens manufacturers:

The update today:

It seems like the (machine translated) tweet we reported about was inaccurate, since in reality what he said is (thanks Mistral):

Tanaka-san is simply noting that Sigma are proposing their APS-C mirrorless lenses in Canon EF-M (very soon), Leica L (next year), µ4/3 and Sony E mount, therefore the only APS-C mirrorless mount let aside by Sigma is the Fujifilm X mount.

What Tanaka says, is that due to various circumstances it’s hard for Sigma to make X mount glass.

There is a lot I love about Fujifilm, but not this kind of protectionism.

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