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Sigma Fujifilm X Mount Lenses Coming?


Sigma Fujifilm

Not too far away, Sigma CEO said:

But here on FujiRumors we told you:

Well, it seems there is hope, since at thisistanaka said on twitter here:

16mmF1.4, 30mmF1.4, and 56mmF1.4 have already been released for SONY and OLYMPUS, but they are tailored to EF-S mounts. The rest is Fuji’s XF mount, but this seems to be difficult due to various circumstances. In any case, I was curious that SIGMA started working on Canon’s mirrorless camera lens.

It’s not clear if this really means they will 100% surely release X mount lenses. But surely we hope for it, although Fujifilm clearly said:

Fujifilm does need to share X mount protocols with third-parties, since we offer already lots of glass. But if third-parties reverse-engineer AF lenses for X mount, that’s good from a customers’ point of view

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