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RUMOR: Fujifilm to Launch Fujinon XF 27mm f/2.8 Mark II


Fujinon XF 27mm f/1.4 MK II

Here is the fact: a Fujifilm manager said back in February 2020, that, within the next 12 months, there will be 4 new Fujinon X mount lenses.

FujiRumors has investigated, and thanks to our sources we were able to tell you back in May here, that two existing Fujinon X mount lenses will be updated.

Now we can unveil (thanks :)) what the new MK II prime lens will be: the Fujinon XF27mm f/2.8 MK II.

I know, this will divide many of you.

Personally, as a happy owner of the Fujinon XF27mm f/2.8, a MK II version of this lens would make me very happy.

Just, dear Fujifilm, don’t make the same error you did in the past, and don’t forget to put an aperture ring on it, and keep it as you showed us in the XF 27mm mock-ups of 2013 here.

I included the XF27mm in my “5 most underestimated Fujifilm X-series products” trilogy, and Antonio calls it “the best unnoticed lens on fuji world

With that said, here is the updated FujiRumors X mount lens roadmap.

XF 27mm Curiosity

If you are a long time FR-reader, maybe you’ll remember the FR-birthday quiz I made back in 2016.

In that quiz, we discovered that the XF27mm f/2.8 was the second best selling Fujinon prime lens of all time until December 2015 (find out who was the best seller here).

Let’s hope the new version will repeat that big success.

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