What’s neXt? A weather sealed X! (trusted sources)


(X-E2 and XQ1 pre-order now also at AmazonDE)

X-E2 – USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / AdoramaDigitalRev / Pictureline / EUROPE: wexphotographicUK / DigitalRev / Fotomundus24 GER / PCHstore / AmazonDE (via DR)

XQ1 – USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / AdoramaDigitalRev / EUROPE: wexphotographicUK / DigitalRev / PCHstore / AmazonDE (via DR)

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Hi all!

I had an interesting chat with two of our trusted sources (the Japanese source and a „long time“ source). Here is what they told us about Fuji’s next X-camera:

They both say: Fuji will launch a weather sealed camera.

– The trusted Japanese source said it will feature an APS-C X-Trans II sensor.
– The „long time“ trusted source said it will have a big high-performance EVF.

So, to everyone wondering what camera Fuji could squeeze between the X-E and X-PRO line… the answer is: a weather sealed X! And it should be announced at the CES in January!

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DxO Perspective free download! Offer expires NOV 3


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For the next 3 days you’ll get DxO Perspective for free (save $20) at the Apple Store here. From the product description:

(via canonwatch, via photoblogue)

With DxO Perspective, you can correct any perspective issues in your images in just a few clicks. A skewed building? A tilted horizon? Simply place the anchor points along the lines you want to fix, and your image instantly achieves a more natural look.

Automatically corrects even the most complex perspective problems:
• Several correction tools adapted to different kinds of photo compositions
• Horizon recovery
• Optimized cropping to maximize the visible field

Easy to use:
• DxO Perspective provides a simple solution for correcting your images, thanks to an innovative system of anchor points that you apply directly on your image
• Advanced tools let you fine-tune corrections according to your own tastes

The perfect solution for:
• Street and architectural photos
• Interior shots
• Landscape photos
• Reproductions of posters or paintings

• Opens and saves JPEG and 8- & 16-bit TIFF images
• Available in English, French, German and Japanese


UK price (ukdigital-store): XF 56mm f/1.2 £999 (spring 2014) + 10-24mm £799 (NOV-DEC)


 photo asd_zps7cd77e2c.png

An anonymous FR-reader told me that UK-store “ukdigital” is already taking pre-orders on the XF10-24 and XF 56 lenses. The first will be sold for £799 and be available in NOV-DEC while the portrait lens will be the most expensive Fujinon lens with a price tag of £999 and it will be shipped in spring 2014!

Here is the product description for both lenses:

P.S.: I’ve been told by an anonymous FR-reader that Adorama is shipping the XF23mm lens.

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The Fujinon XF56mm F1.2 R lens is the new f1.2 aperture fast prime lens for Fujifilm X Mount digital cameras. The XF56mm has an equivalent focal length of 84mm, combined with high quality optics, and fast aperture is perfect for close cropped portrait photography. The fast aperture allows beautiful blurring of backgrounds, making the subject matter stand out.



The Fujinon XF10-24mm f4 R OIS lens is the new FUJINON ultra-wide short zoom lens for Fujifilm X Mount digital cameras. The 10-24mm focal length is equivalent to 15-36mm to give super wide angle, perfect for sweeping landscapes, interior shots, or any other ultra wide application.


XF 56mm £999
XF 23mm (£849 at AmazonUK)… ($899 at AmazonUS)
XF 10-24mm £799
XF 14mm (£696 at AmazonUK) … ($899 at AmazonUS)
XF 55-200 (£649 at AmazonUK) … ($699 at AmazonUS)
XF 18-55 (£479 at AmazonUK) …. ($699 at AmazonUS)
XF 60mm £465 …………..…….. ($649 at AmazonUS)
XF 18mm £429 …………..…….. ($599 at AmazonUS)
XF 35mm £429 …………..…….. ($599 at AmazonUS)
XF 27mm £379 ………..……….. ($449 at AmazonUS)

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