Fuji X10 gets tested by DxOmark. Another price drop on the Fuji X100 (now $1.100!)


DXOmark (Click here) tested the Fuji X10 sensor and here are the results: “The X10’s results are really good for its category. It achieves scores close to 1/2 stop better than the Fuji F600. Its Color depth (20.5) and dynamic range (11.3 Evs) remain in the same range as the best camera in this segment (Canon Powershot G12 or PowerShot S100).

The price of the Fuji X100 keeps dropping. There are now small price drops every week at leats on Amazon US (Click here to see).


Plenty of new X PRO 1 news and tests (wins four awards at CES)


Good Morning! Here are the very last news about the X PRO 1:

There is a first look article at Cameralabs (Click here): “The Fujifilm X-Pro1 takes mirror-less ILCs to a higher ground than any company other than Leica has done to date. It unashamedly targets enthusiasts with an innovative sensor and viewfinder packed into a retro-styled body with nostalgic analogue controls and a choice of three high quality prime lenses at launch.”

Brian Lam from TheAtlantic (Click here) wrote about the X PRO 1: “This is the only gadget at the show that melts my heart every time I think about it. I want this more than anything else I’ve seen at the show, and I think I might get one over the also amazing Sony NEX-7 Camera, which is technically astounding but has a mediocre lens selection that is not worthy of a $1300 camera.

Detailed report at Photorumors (Click here) and hands-on pics at Alinpopescu (Click here).

The X PRO 1 already won four prices! The CNET “Best of CES 2012” Best Camera; Popular Science “CES 2012 Product of the Future”; Popular Mechanics “CES 2012 Editor’s Choice Award”; Tom’s Guide “Best of CES 2012” (Source: Imaging Resource).

P.S:: The CEO from Fuji has been interviewed by Sankei (Click here).


First Fuji X PRO 1 ISO test! (X PRO designer talks with Techradar)


Good Morning! Time to catch up with the latest weekend news around Fuji.There is finally a first ISO test at the until know to me very unkown vladdodan.ro website (Click here). There are many image samples ot analyze and even a Fuji X PRO 1 versus Nikon D700 comparison (Click here). Its difficult to judge the image quality for now but here is a crop to see the difference (CLick on image to enlarge):

The Fuji image looks sharper but this also could depend from the lens quality. More testing is needed!

More Fuji related news:
First we have that new interview with the Fuji designer Jun Sato at Techradar (Click here).
Some pics of the All Black Fuji X100 at The Verge (Click here).
Fuji X10 review at neocamera (Click here).
Fujifilm Joins the Mirrorless Crowd (Sansmirror).


Fuji X PRO 1 news and reviews roundup! (including one X-S1 preview)


Full Fuji press release via Photographybay.

There is a full interview with Kayce Baker (maging Division of Fujifilm North America Corp) at Imaging Resource (Click here). She confirms that she “saw” a 14mm f/1.4 on the official X lens roadmap. And she also said organic sensors will not be used for digital camera sensors (at least not in near future).

A “romanian” Fuji X PRO 1 hands-on at Clubulfoto (Click here). A japanese hands-on at Dc.watch (Click here). And a spanish hands-on at Quesabesde (Click here).

Reminder: Fuji full size image samples can be foudn here at Fujifilm (Click here).

You don’t have to forget that finally the Fuji X-S1 is also available! Digitalcamerainfo (Click here) posted a first impression review of the camera: “It’s built around an oversized sensor with one of the most solid, well-constructed chassis we’ve ever seen in the category. It maintains all of the native versatility and comfortable handling of a regular bridge camera, too.” The only real problem they see is the…price! Too expensive!