If you can’t afford the Leica, then buy this one!


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Not enough money for the Leica M9? No problem. This is the brand new CSC to buy if you want something cheaper, but with a great image quality!

Thanks to Richard, our reader, who developed this great camera and sent me that image of this gorgeous brand new camera. See it here at amazonUS. ;)

There are some that already compared the Leica M9 and the X-E1. See a short comparison of specs here, and according to this German comparison (translated version), there are 14 reasons to buy the X-E1, and 8 to buy the M9. And also in this comparison, the X-E1 is the winner!

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Check the in stock status here:

Fuji X-E1: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay

Fujinon XF18-55mm in stock status check

Fuji XF18-55: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay



The beauty and the beast! Petapixel X-E1 review


Now also petapixel (click here) tested the new X-E1. No doubt, great image quality. Great ISO performance. But also some quirks. For example the autofocus and the EVF.

Autofocus: The new update brought faster autofocus. And in good light conditions autofocus is decently fast and accurate: But “While shooting fast moving objects may still be a challenge, the autofocus will do the job in most everyday situations... Step into a dimly-lit environment, and the camera becomes a bit less predictable. It will be obedient to your focusing wishes most of the time, but sometimes it’s unable to get a lock on things you’d expect it to focus on. This doesn’t happen very often, but it’s frustrating when it does.”

EVF: Most of the time you won’t miss the OVF. But in darker settings the EVF starts becoming laggy and blurred.

The Eye Sensor: “If you set your “View Mode” to “Eye Sensor”, the camera defaults to the LCD screen but switches over to the EVF when it senses your face up against the camera. When you pull the camera away from your head, it quickly switches back.The quirk is that this handoff doesn’t happen during the image review period after you snap a shot. For DSLR users who are accustomed to “chimping,” you’ll find that you can’t.
Verdict: The most beautiful camera on the market, a true joy to use. It’s a a “fine DSLR replacement for everyday photography. Just make sure you can live with the slightly slower AF and the lack of an OVF. If you’re sure you can, then go out and buy this camera — it’s worth every penny.”

save $50: X-F1 price drop + new review


There is a price drop for the X-F1 at AmazonUS. They offer this camera with a 10% rebate, for $450. In Europe there are different ongoing price drops. Just check the in stock status here:

Amazon US (save $ 50) / Amazon GER (save 54 €) / Amazon UK (save £ 45) / B&H / Adorama / Jessops UK / Wex photographic / Amazon ITA (save 40 €) / Amazon FR / Amazon ESP / ebayEUROPE  / ebayUS

A detailed review about “one of the more interesting compacts in recent memory” can be read at mingthein.com (click here).  They say that it’s a fast camera and lens quality is very impressive – better than the Zeiss-branded lens on the Sony RX100. “I find the image quality of this camera paradoxical. On one hand, the JPEG output is amongst the best I’ve ever seen from a compact on the other hand, the RAW files are amongst the worst I’ve ever seen from any camera, and far below even its own JPEGsThe image quality of the JPEGs is superb.”

At the end the reviewer makes also a short comparison with the biggest competitors and makes a list of the why one should buy the Fuji rather than the Panasonic LX7 and so on. Here it is:

Fuji XF1 if you are a JPEG shooter and don’t plan to do much, or any, postprocessing.
Panasonic LX7/ Leica D-Lux6 if you shoot macro, or want to try and get some depth of field control.
Sony RX100 if you want the best image quality in any compact camera available
Canon S110…I actually can’t think of any good reason to buy this – if you need GPS, perhaps.

So, if you want to have a fast, beautiful camera that shoots great images in JPEG and you don’t bother about RAW files, maybe that could be a good camera for you.


XF18-55 review + AmazonUS started shipping preordered lenses


The Spanish DSLR magazine (click here) tested the XF18-55mm lens. At the conclusions they say that this lens is, for his performance and built quality, a “prime lens” in zoom version. Read much more and look at the test shots… and share your thoughts in the comments.

According to a comment in this post, AmazonUS started shipping this lens “to those who pre-ordered back in September. My September 6th order is in transit to be delivered December 4.

Fujinon XF18-55mm in stock status check

Amazon US / Adorama / B&H / ebayUS (via slidoo) / ebay Europe (via slidoo) / ebay worldwide (via slidoo)