Confirmed by trusted source: no more X-PRO1S. Focus on the Fujifilm X-PRO2!

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In the last weeks I’ve shared 2 rumors regarding the X-PRO1 successor:

  • an anonymous source said that no X-Pro1s is on the horizon… all R&D [research and development] is being placed into Fujifilm X-Pro2 for 2015
  • a new source said that the Fujifilm X-PRO2 will feature a FF sensor

The trusted source could NOT confirm that the X-PRO2 will feature an FF sensor, but said that there won’t be an X-PRO1S. Fuji will focus on the X-PRO2.

That’s it for now, and stay tuned!

Full Frame or not? That is the question. The FR-community seems to be divided. Here are some of the most liked comments from the last X-PRO2 rumor.


  • I wait for the organic apsc size sensor, not any FF!!!!!!” (Ali)
  • I suspect the main money maker will be the APSC lines, but the new FF line will increase market awareness and put Fuji well and truly in the Pro field as well. It is a totally logical business move. All the other big players have APSC and FF lines, so why should fuji exclude a certain user segment.” Allweather
  • If this decision is true, it is a bad decision. Fujifilm does not have the money and engineering resources to develop a FF mirrorless system from scratch AND continue to develop it’s APS-C X system.” jg
  • My only problem with this will be the size! the body will be bigger, lenses will be bigger and heavier, and everything will make you think why did you leave your SLR in the first place?!” Nour El Refai
  • Especially with A7/A7r are already in the market and received positive feedback, it’s time for fuji to seriously consider the FF before it’s too late. A fuji x FF with in-body stabilization is a dream camera for me :).” Wilson
  • IMHO this would be great. I believe that for many (myself included) FF is the only thing holding them back from finally ditching the DSLR and going all Fuji. Also, I don’t completely understand the people who think that Fuji would some how forget APS-C if they made a FF camera. All the lenses and many different camera bodies would still be there, so people who want to stick with APS-C can do so. It’s not like the FF would take something away from APS-C (maybe just some resources from development department).” Jukka Saarikko
  • Hopefully this is just a lame rumor. APS-C X-Trans Organic sensor please, weather sealing, updated viewfinder, better AF, MF usability with OVF needed.” Austin
  • Patrick, when exactly did you receive these rumor submissions? On April 1st?” Trenton Talbot :-)

So, which group do you belong to? Full Frame or not? Here is the poll.

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Typo or Freudian slip? Workshop with the Fujifilm X-PRO2 in Cambodia (July/August with official X-photographer Damien)

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Sometime I like to link to workshops of X-shooters all around the world. Well, this time I was pretty surprised to read that Damien Lovegrove (official Fuji X-photographer and known also for testing products for FujiUK) is organizing one in Cambodia in July/August and that he will likely use a Fujifilm X-PRO2 and the Fujinon XF 14, 23, 3556 and 55-200 lenses.

Sure, it must be a typo. You will hardly see any X-PRO2 before Photokina in September, when it could be officially announced. I don’t think anyone is allowed to show an X-Pro2 before that event.

But is that “X-PRO2″ in Damien’s workshop just a simple typo or a Freudian slip? Well, maybe Fuji X-photographer Damien just told us that the X-PRO2 will be compatible with the existing XF-lenses.

So, dear Damian, lemme know if you’ll use the X-PRO2 in your workshop. I have holidays in August and could join it ;-).

Thanks for the link, Kamal.

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Rumor Update: TCL-X100 for Fuji X100/S coming in ~3 weeks at $350/400

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There is another new source, who kindly shared the following information with the FR-community:

The TCL-X100 will come in ~3 weeks and it will cost between $350 to $400 (more or less as much as the WCL-X100, which, at its launch, cost $400)

With the WCL-X100 and TCL-X100, X100/S owner will have a three-lens mini system (28mm, 35mm and 50mm) with leaf shutter, fast aperture and terrific IQ.

Adorama has some XF 56mm in stock right now here (with 4% reward).

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RUMOR: Lightroom 5.4 with X-T1 support coming next week + XF deals still valid, but only today!

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Time could soon be over, where you had to use some patches to work with your X-T1 RAF’s in Lightroom.

According to a new source Lightroom 5.4 with X-T1 support could be released next week.

The source didn’t say it, but I think that, as the latest prerelease version of Camera Raw 8.4 RC , also Lightroom 5.4 will support Fuji’s film simulations (Velvia & CO).

enjoy your weekend
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You have time until midnight, then the spell will be over and you’ll have to pay the full price on XF lenses and X-cameras again.

I’ve read that the awesome XF-deals expire April 5th. So I thought that April 4th was the last chance for you to grab the discounted lenses. But this is not correct, sorry. The offer is acutally valid through April 5th, so today it’s really your last chance to save up to $1,400 on the XF lenses. Check them out at AmazonUS, Adorama  and Pictureline.

BHphoto closes for the sabbath on saturdays…but ordering resumes after sunset. You can order starting at 8:45PM EDT as stated on the home page of their website… (thanks for the info, Mark)

As you know, the price for the lenses is so good, that some FR-readers already ordered them from Europe… and, despite taxes and shipping, they saved hundreds of Euro!

Place your order now (even for lenses that are back-ordered at the moment) and save up to $1400 on XF lenses.


XF 14mm: $200 off (price $700) at BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS / Pictureline
XF 18mm: $200 off (price $400) at BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS / Pictureline
XF 23mm: $150 off (price $750) at BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS / Pictureline
XF 27mm: $250 off (price $200) at BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS / Pictureline
XF 35mm: $150 off (price $450) at BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS / Pictureline
XF 60mm: $250 off (price $400) at BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS / Pictureline
XF 55-200: $200 off (price $500) at BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS / Pictureline

EU-orders: Julien: “Bought The XF27 and XF60 at shipped in france and import fees managed by amazon (paid on order)… Received in less than 2 weeks. Cost me respectively 196€ and 388€ all included (instead of 430 and 580 in France…). I saved 420€… what a deal!” FR-reader Luzu bought lenses at BHphoto: “Choose UPS for international delivery, their option “UPS Super Saver” for around 45$ is the cheapest anyways. If you “pay on delivery”, UPS will handle all the customs work for you and deliver the item home to you where you pay the customs costs directly to the mailman.

X-camera deals

X-E2: save $100 on the kit ($1,299) and also on the body ($899) at AmazonUS, BHphoto (4% reward), Adorama (4% reward) and Pictureline.
X-M1: Save $200 (price $599) on the kit and $200 on the body (price $499) at AmazonUS, BHphoto and Adorama.
X-A1: get it for $449 with kit lens (save $150) at AmazonUS, BHphoto and Adorama.
X-PRO1: get the body for $999!! (save $200) at AmazonUSAdorama (+4%reward) and BHphoto (+4%reward).
XQ1: save $130 at AmazonUS, BHphoto and Adorama



Confirmed by new source: TCL-X100 will come in the second half of April.

 photo 1655945_697490266962660_1380325454_n_zpse428c82a.jpg

Another new source just confirmed: the TCL-X100 will be released in the second half of April. Still no informations about the price.

Maybe more or less as much as the WCL-X100? At it’s launch it cost $400. Now the price dropped to $300/$315 at AmazonUS , BHphoto and Adorama.

WCL-X100: Amazon, Adorama, DigitalRev, J&R, B&H, eBay


XF 14mm: $200 off (price $700) at BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS / Pictureline
XF 18mm: $200 off (price $400) at BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS / Pictureline
XF 23mm: $150 off (price $750) at BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS / Pictureline
XF 27mm: $250 off (price $200) at BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS / Pictureline
XF 35mm: $150 off (price $450) at BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS / Pictureline
XF 60mm: $250 off (price $400) at BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS / Pictureline
XF 55-200: $200 off (price $500) at BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS / Pictureline