Sony A7000 APS-C sensor with BSI and 24 or about 30 MP… same specs of Fuji X-PRO2? – WITH POLLS


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Last week, SonyAlphaRumors reported that Sony decided to push back again the release of the Sony A7000 (probably to next fall).

So who cares?

Well, there are some speculations (plausible speculations, but no facts, not even rumors), that the Fuji X-PRO2 will sport the same new sensor that Sony is developing for the Sony A7000.

We also know that Fuji (and other companies) can use the latest generation of Sony sensors only 6 months after Sony itself implemented it in one of their cameras. Therefore, every delay of the Sony A7000 could mean that also Fuji has to push back the release of the X-PRO2.

Some fellow X-shooters, like FXF member Mark In Dallas here, think that Sony could have appositely postponed the A7000 to fall 2015, so that Fuji is forced to launch the X-PRO2 only after the important Christmas Holiday season. What do you think about it? Say it here.

In the last days I’ve tried to dig up something more. So I’ve contacted those sources that I think can have an insight into different brands. Well, one source, who was right in the past, answered and said:

A7000 & X-PRO2

1) Until now, it can NOT confirm that the X-PRO2 delay is related to the Sony A7000 delay.
2) The source did NOT confirm that the A7000 sensor will be the same of the X-PRO2.
3) It confirmed that Sony originally planed to launch the A7000 in May 2015 (with a newly designed 24MP sensor).


The source also passed me these Sony A7000 sensor specs:

1) BSI (back-illuminated) Sensor
2) 4K capable
3) Sony is now investigating two possibilities: one with 24MP and one around 30 MP
4) Hybrid AF (PDAF + CDAF) covering the whole sensor area
recording format and 60p


ad 1) BSI? Yes please!
ad 2) 4K? I personally don’t need it, but it could be a deal breaker for some, so it’s better the X-PRO2 is 4K capable.
ad 3) from 24MP or up to about 30MP? Maybe Sony is thinking to put more MP into the A7000 to challenge the 28 MP of the Samsung NX1. NOTE: It’s rumored that Fuji will keep the X-TRANS CFA
ad 4) Phase Detection Pixels all over the sensor is a must have.
ad 5) XAVC-S recording format is Sony proprietary, so probably nothing for X-PRO2

And here are 3 quick polls… feel free to vote

Which is the most important feature for you?

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How many MP would you like on the Fujifilm X-PRO2?

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Looking at the rumored A7000 sensor specs, do yout think it's worth to delay the release of the X-PRO2 to get those features?

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Fuji X-PRO2 will come only in to 2016 (trusted source) – waiting for the Sony A7000 sensor?

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We are all waiting for the Fujifilm X-PRO2, but it seems we will still have to wait longer than expected.

In fact, according to our trusted Japanese source, the Fujifilm X-PRO2 will come only in 2016 (probably early 2016… but we are still investigating).

The reason for the delay? I don’t have enough hints to assume it’s due the organic sensor (made by Fuji/Pansonic). Maybe it’s more related to the continuous delay of the Sony A7000 which will sport a newly designed APS-C sensor that could later on be used by Fujifilm for the X-PRO2. But that just my personal speculation… and not only mine, as you can see in the comments of this post!

As you know thanks to SonyAlphaRumors since 2013, once Sony implemented a new sensor in one of their cameras, other companies have to wait at least 6 months before they have the permission to use it in their own cameras.

And the waiting continues…


RUMOR COMEBACK: Fujifilm will launch the X70, little sister of the X100 series… with a NEW LENS! (TRUSTED SOURCE)

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Do you remember the rumor of September 2013, where I wrote: “Fuji will launch a cheaper and smaller X100S without viewfinder, smaller body and 23mm f/2.8 lens. The name could be X70.” ?

Well, I knew the rumor was right at the time of sharing, but Fujifilm has dropped plans on it later on.. and so I had to live with the usual S*itstorm on FR ;).

But we could have a comback now, at least according to our trusted Japanese source. The source said that this time Fujifilm decided to go ahead an make it. Our source did not specify the specs, but it did say that there will be a New Lens.

Looks like the X100 series is going to get a little sister… and the Ricoh GR a serious competitor!

If the Japanese source is (once again) correct, then it shows how rumors can be right at the time of sharing, then wrong, and then eventually right again, according to the continuously changing plans at the Fuji HQ. This drives me nuts… but that’s my problem ;-) .

That’s it… feel free to tell us your dream lens for this little camera… and there is a first poll about the X70, too.

Would you be interested in an X70 (the little sister of the X100 series)

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DELAY: Fuji X-T1 Firmware 4.0 coming June 29! (Trusted Source) – [UDPATE]

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When I first shared the rumor with the date of the Firmware 4.0 release, I knew that it was a risk, since Fuji will probably change it once they get their feedback about bugs and potential improvements.

So here we are again, with another delay… In fact, a trusted source told me that the (amazing) X-T1 Firmware 4.0 has been pushed back for a few more days to June 29! As usual, I expect it to come at about 6:00 AM London Time (midnight in New York).

To see what it is capable of, just check out this thread (including my own tracking tests).

Those who already installed the BETA, remind the following tips when you use the new AF-system for tracking:

1) For AF-tracking with CL or CH (focus between each shot), you have to use Mechanical Shutter (MS) only. It doesn’t work with MS+ES (electronic shutter) enabled
2) Turn Off face detection to enable PDAF
3) High Performance Mode ON

UDPATE: by FR-reader Tomáš Tuček: “An editor of the Czech website announced the firmware in an article today in the morning, with a link to the official firmware site of Fujifilm. As we wondered where the new firmware is, he wrote in the evening that Fujifilm CZ sent a corrected info with the date of 29th (someone mistook the Mondays). The conversation, in Czech (google translated)

stay tuned,
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VIDEO: FujiRumors HAS WHAT YOU WANT :: New X-T1 4.0 FIRMWARE FILE :: For the sake of Science, I’ll test if for you ;)

 photo 4.0 FW XT1_zpszq9nuxqn.jpg

A French FujiRumors reader spotted the Firmware 4.0 file on Facebook… and for the sake of science, I decided to update My Own X-T1 with Firmware 4.0 and test if it works :)

It’s really late at night here, and I will do proper testings tomorrow (sometimes even FujiRumors has to sleep). But it’s pretty nice to see how well it tracks my dog ;).

I’ll share my findings about the FW in the next days in this thread and on FR… stay tuned … keep up follwoing me there and also here on FR.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although the file is circulating on facebook, I decided to remove it. But stay tuned, since I’ll share my findings here on FR and on the FXF