KAIZEN IS BACK: Fuji France says: “Firmware Update for the X-E2 will come. Release date not yet fixed!”


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When Fuji announced Firmware 4.0 for the X-T1, many X-shooters made the same question of FXF Member Sodela in this thread: “Are there plans for releasing an update for the E2 lke the 4.0 for the X-T1??”… a very Hot discussion, check it out here.

Well, we have a first official statement of Fujifilm France, who said via facebook, that:

“Following the announcement of the updated firmware of the x-T1, We received a lot of requests for an update to the x-E2. In response to these requests, we plan to publish an update to the x-E2 as soon as possible. The date of publication is not yet fixed and will depend on the changes made by this update, that we will define from the requests of our users.

This [X-E2 firmware] is possible because we know that our Japanese engineers are working on it

Fujifilm France is more sceptical to what belongs a possible update for the X-M1: “I would not say this, but the X-M1 remains more marginal. We know that it is in the study.”


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Fuji really plans a Super Fast XF 33mmF1.0 (SRP)! POLL: Should Fuji go ahead and make it?

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A source, who was right in the past (SRP), just gave me an update about the previously rumored super fast F1.0 lens.

The source said that it is true: Fujifilm is considering to make a super fast lens (at the moment planed as XF 33mmF1.0). The bad part of this rumor: it’s not a final decision of Fujifilm… plans could still be dropped.

So let’s help Fuji to make their final decision: do you think such a super-fast “prestige” lens (or call it “freak” lens) would be a good move by Fujifilm and how much you would eventually pay for it. And most important: how do we get away with buying the 33mmF1.0 and avoid divorce? An initial guide on How To Convince your better half can be found at our New Fuji X Forum… everyone can read it, and feel free to join the discussion with your own suggestions ;) .

Do you want Fuji to offer a Super-Fast XF 33mmF1.0 lens?

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How much would you pay for an XF 33mmF1.0 lens?

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[UDPATE] TERRIFIC DEALS: Save $400 on X-T1 with 18-55, save $220 on 56mmF1.2 and MUCH MORE Coming Soon :: Cashback in GER + UK!

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Still Running: AmazonUS insane $300 rebate on the black X100T. As to expect, out of stock at the moment. Place your order here and be high on the waiting list!

(running now & coming soon)


[UPDATE: As to expect, the X-T1 and 56mm sold quickly at Cameraland. The rest is still available.]

Let’s start this overview with the great deals over at Top Rated and authorized Fuji dealer Cameraland

X-T1 with 18-55 for $1,299 (save $400). SOLD

XF 56mmF1.2 for $779 (save $220). SOLD
XF 18-135mm for $539 (save $360). SOLD
XF 27mm for $309 (save $140). SOLD
XF 18mm for $399 (save $200).
XF 14mm for $679 (save $220). SOLD
XF 23mm for $679 (save $220). SOLD


According to a new source, we are going to have some huge rebates on some Fuji X Cameras & Lenses starting from May 24 in USA, like a $150 price drop on the black and graphite X-T1 and 35mmF1.4.

Some of them seem to be already running.

X100T for $999 (save $300): AmazonUS
X-T1 + 18-55 for $1,449
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X-T1 + 18-135 for $1,499 (save $400): AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama

XF 50-140 for 1,398 (save $200): AmazonUS
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XF 18-135mm for $599 (save$300): AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama
XF 55-200mm for $499 (save $200): AmazonUS

EU Deals

GERMANY: Cashback up to €100 on plenty of X-gear unitl the 30th of June. See all the rebated gear here at Fuji’s site.

There are Cashback Deals on Fuji Lenses in UK, which will end on August 3rd. You can save £75 on 1 Lens, £225 on 2 Lenses, £375 on 3 Lenses, £525 on 4 Lenses. Extra £150 per lens for 5 or more. This deal doesn’t apply to XF 18-135 as part of a kit, 18mm, 27mm, 16mm, XF56mm APD or 90mm. Also £75 cashback on an X- T1 body only or kit and continuation of free Grip on X-T1 and 18-135 Kit. You can purchase it at qualified dealer like WexUK and Jessops. Promotions Overview at the FujiUK site.


NEW FUJI ROADMAP shows Release of Lenses MONTH BY MONTH – XF 35mmF2 in November (X-PRO2 kit lens?)

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Here is a Fuji Roadmap, showing the release of the lenses month by month:

1) XF90mm – JULY
2) XF35mm – NOVEMBER
3) x1.4 Teleconvertern – NOVEMBER / DECEMBER
4) XF 100-400 – MARCH
5) XF 120mm – JULY

That 35mmF2 looks like a perfect kit lens for the X-PRO2. And don’t miss it to read the amazing Fuji X Camera dream list here… some suggestions amongst it, that I really would LOVE to see come true one day… and why not, join us over there with your dreams ;)

Thanks FR-reader Stalkdog for sharing here the roadmap.

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Let’s Drop The RUMOR-BOMB: Fujifilm is forging a MEDIUM FORMAT CAMERA (Source Right in Past) – WITH POLL

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I have the long expected “OK” from the source, and so here it is, the hottest rumor I’ve every published. Just sit down before reading ;).

A source, who was right in the past (!!) told me that Fuji is forging, in secret, a Master Medium-Format Camera! (as some of you correctly guessed at the brand new Fuji X Forum… but some other great ideas amongst it, too. Just read them here if you want)

I know you are dazzled just like me. But I still recommend you to take the grain of salt for 2 reasons:

1) the source was right in the past, but is not yet trusted.
2) the Medium Format Fuji release is everything else but imminent. This is the real crazy variable… I’ve seen Fuji too many times changing plans, even after having tested prototypes. So I’ll wait for a trusted source feedback to be 99% sure.

For these two reasons I’m just 75% to 80% sure for now that it will come… again: the release is everything else but imminent!

And before you start saying it’s the usual FR BS, I’ve just checked all the rumors shared so far in 2015… out of 37 verifiable rumors shared in 2015, 34 were correct so far (91% correct). I really try to be accurate, folks.

Now, this is just the very beginning of the Medium Format rumor. Will it be something similar in design and size like Fuji’s glorious GF670? Or will it have more a design of the Medium Format Pentax 645D? Work in progress ;)

stay tuned,

Do you want Fuji to offer a Medium Format digital Camera?

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just one of the crazy guesses at the New Fuji X Forum

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