Debunking Fake Rumors :: No Fujifilm X100F in February… it Will Be Announced in January! – TRUSTED SOURCE


Fuji X100F with front dial mock-up
Shared at the Fuji X100F facebook group by Mason

Fujifilm X100F

I read many rumors elsewhere, about an X100F announcement in February. But I have to inform you that this (and more) are just fake rumors.

So, it’s time to set things right now.

There won’t be any Fujifilm X100F announcement in February, not even at the CP+ show in Japan (where we might get other cool stuff, but not the X100F). The Fujifilm X100F will get its launch party in January.

This comes from trusted source.

Feel free to share the word on other blogs and forums… and remember that I don’t have anything against it, if you quote the blog, where you got this (and other) rumors ;)

My Rumor Codex: I’m aware of the responsibility that comes with running the biggest X-related website and dealing with rumors, and as a sign of respect and responsibility towards all FR-readers, I do not share fake rumors. I’ll always try to give you the most accurate rumors I can… in my crappy English, of course ;).

And at this point, I really have to express my deepest gratitude to all those sources, who shared correct information and help us to keep the X-world out there excited… it’s awesome how reliable you are :-)

and don’t worry… we are going to have fun, dear X-folks ;)
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See the First Image of the Fujifilm X100F (Low Resolution)


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First Image of Fujifilm X100F

Every good rumor story starts with an ultra grainy leaked image here on FujiRumors…. and it is not different this time :) What you see, is the first image of the Fujifilm X100F. No big surprises when it comes to the design… it is and remains super-sexy… just a little nice detail: the front dial.

So you want high-res images? Just stay tuned on FujiRumors ;)

Thanks for sharing… and feel free to keep up sharing rumor with fellow X-shooters ;). You can contact me via email at, anonymously via rumor box and via private message on Facebook and Twitter.

Also, feel free to join the Fuji X100F facebook group.

X100F RECAP: The Fujifilm X100F is rumored to have the same 23/2 lens of the previous generations (rumor here), it will take NP-W126(S) batteries (rumor here) and it will have the integrated shutter/ISO dial (rumor here).

You might be interested to know, that the Fujifilm X100T is currently $200 off at BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama, FocusCamera

stay tuned,
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Fujifilm X-A10 Appears Yet Again… This Time on a Catalogue + Reason For Delay of X-A10 & X-A3


Ok… I told you back in October, that Fujifilm would launch the X-A10 in November. And that was for sure their plan. And in fact, the camera already appeard on several stores. And this time it appeared on a Catalogue of a local store, priced at 28,999 Philippine Peso (thanks a lot to the FR-reader for sharing :) ) As you know, full price in USD and specs already leaked at BestBuy.

Something must have gone wrong in the communication between Stores and Fujifilm, since they missed the news about the delay.

As a kind source told us back on November 21, that the reason for the delay are quality issues… the same that affect the X-A3. And if you wonder what exactly the issue is, here is the full information the source shared back in November 21 (thanks).

Fujifilm was supposed to announce the X-A10 early in November, however, numerous quality control issues at their new Indonesian factory is inhibiting their ability to produce units up to the quality they once produced at their old factories.  This is in particular to the assembly of their screens and more specifically, the selfie hinge.  When the screens are returned from their selfie position, they would not sit flush against the back panel.  Part of the issue is that its an all plastic body with mostly moulded plastic components – hence there’s always some give in the plastic whilst metal has much less.

Interestingly enough, it’s the same issue with the X-A3 – the only difference is that the top plate is metal – hence why it’s been difficult to source an X-A3 globally because there was a non official recall in which all stores were asked to return all their stock.  There are also issues with the X-A3 with the kit lens in which during video recording, the lens aperture is behaving erratically constantly opening and closing & affecting exposure.  However, there will be a coming firmware fix for this.

The X-A10’s announcement has been pushed back to a revised release date of early December at the earliest, but it’s not guaranteed.

Fujifilm X100F Announcement in February (according to a Member of the Fuji X100F Facebook Group)


This rumor does NOT come from FR-sources, but it has been shared by a X100F Facebook Group Member Joao here.

Joao says that the X100F will be announced in February, while beta-testers should soon get their first samples for testing. This last part does not really fit well with this other rumor (shared on reddit), that the camera is already out for testing.

Of course, take it with a grain of salt for now.

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Fujifilm X100F with Integrated Shutter/ISO Dial + Joystick!

Shutter/ISO dial Combo… a good idea? Palle Schultz opinion on youtube


The Fujifilm X100F

According to an anonmyous source (thanks), the Fujifilm X100F will feature the same integrated Shutter/ISO dial of the Fujifilm X-Pro2… as well as the joystick. The source also confirmed it will take the NP-W126 batteries.

The Fujifilm X100F is rumored to have the same 23/2 lens of the previous generations (rumor here) and it will take NP-W126(S) batteries (rumor here)

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