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GFX100S? X-E4? No! The Biggest “Release” on January 27 Might be a Mini-FujiRumors… and How I Photographed my Pregnant Wife ;)


The Biggest “Release”

I checked back, and I saw that Fujifilm never announced so much new gear on a single day as it will happen on January 27 at 8AM New York time.

Here is what we should get.

But exactly on that day, there could be an even bigger “release” that will overshadow it all. Here it is:

January 26/27 is also the date set for the birth of my first child. So yes, I’ll become father (looks like I spent too much time with my wife during the first lockdown last spring ;) )

So, now you also know the main reason why I bought the Fujinon XF80mmF2.8 Macro ;).

What Might Change for You

Needless to say that everything will change in my life.

But will your experience on FujiRumors change?

Ideally you won’t notice any change (maybe just notice even more typos :)).

But what I can’t promise going forward, is that I’ll always be able to reply to all 7,000+ emails I get every year.

Sources will get absolute priority and always get a reply as fast as I can. Also people, who share an interesting Fuji news with me will get an answer.

And I’ll do what I can to reply also to all others, who contact me just to have a general chat about Fuji, or ask gear recommendation etc. But if you don’t get any reply, you’ll now know that I was just too busy and that so many emails accumulated to a point where I can’t go back and catch up anymore, without sacrificing precious time I could spend with my baby (or time I could spend to rest a little bit).

Is this Fujifilm’s Vengeance? ;)

Sure, if Fujifilm wanted to inflict a major damage to FujiRumors, then setting their biggest announcement ever on possibly the same day of the birth of my son, was the best they could do.

In fact, if my son will be born on the 27 (highly likely), I would not be able to cover the announcement, which would have a terribly negative financial impact on FujiRumors. No live blog, no readers, no support for months of hard work and breaking rumors thanks to those of you, who like to support my work by pre-ordering their gear via FR affiliate link.

But you know what? If so, so be it.

If on January 27 I’ll be in the hospital, everything that matters will be that my little son is happy, healthy and strong. No money in the world could make up for the lack of any of these qualities.

If my baby is fine, if my wife is fine, then I’ll be fulfilled and completely happy.

So, don’t worry for me if on January 27 FujiRumors is offline: you’ll know that I am at the hospital, holding my wife’s hand and living the most important moment in my life.

The Fragile “Sony” Plan

Sure, I did try to set up a Plan B, but it’s uncertain if that one will work.

I’ve asked the SonyAlphaRumors guy to cover the announcement for me. But he is very busy with filming a documentary in the COVID intensive care units. So we will see on January 27 if he can jump in for me or not. If he does, let’s hope he won’t troll. ;)

But if you are Stubborn… ;)

But if somebody out there still stubbornly insist to support me, even if neither me nor SAR will be able to cover the announcement, then here is what you can do:

Stop by at FujiRumors on Jan.27 and click on any link to BHphoto, Adorama or AmazonUS you find on this blog. Any! Once clicked, you’ll be redirected to the store of your choice, and there you can search for any product and purchase it.

To make it even easier, I will now share below the search page for every product to come on January 27. You can bookmark this article, and on January 27, just click on the product and store of your choice.

In case you want to support me for months of breaking rumors, well, then “This is the Way” ;).

Any Last Second Daddy Tip?

So, I am about to embark on a big journey, that I know many of you are already navigating through and have good experience with. If you have any tips, any suggestions, or just want to share this moment of joy with me, feel free to drop your comment down below.

Take care, stay safe, and love each other like you love your Fujifilm gear ;).

Improvised Photoshoot

One last thing:

A few days ago there was a nice soft and gentle light falling through the window in my little rented apartment, as a very thin layer of clouds covered the low hanging winter sun.

I grabbed the occasion to set up a totally improvised studio, and I took a few pictures of my pregnant wife. You can see a few of them below.

All jpeg out of camera and ACROS film simulation. Only slightly cropped and a bit of vignetting applied. That’s all.

I used my X-T4 with three lenses, the XF35mmF1.4, XF56mmF1.2 and my new XF80mmF2.8.

The XF80mmF2.8 was a bit too long for my rather small living room, hence it was sometimes hard to compose properly on the XF80mmF2.8. I got the most keepers with my XF56mmF1.2 followed by the XF35mmF1.4.

I might still have a few days before the baby comes, so if anyone would like to share a few tips to improve my “studio”, or share your some images of pregnant women below that I can use as inspiration, feel free to drop it all in the comments.


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Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Fuji_Rumors (@fuji_rumors)


Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Fuji_Rumors (@fuji_rumors)


Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Fuji_Rumors (@fuji_rumors)