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Meet my New Fujinon XF Lens… and What You can Do to Convince my Wife it Was a Good Investment ;)


It was in my cart for a long time. And this time, I could not resist anymore.

I took advantage of the cashback deals expiring on January 17, and just grabbed it.

Which lens is it?

When I asked to drop the guess on Instagram here, many thought I already own the Fujinon XF27mmF2.8MKII or the Fujinon XF70-300mmF4-5.6.

But guys, that gear will be announcement on January 27. And I never get anything ahead from Fujifilm, nor any discount on gear. I pay my stuff full price just like any of you.

So, it has to be an “older” lens, and more precisely, the arguably sharpest Fujinon XF lens out there.

It’s the Fujinon XF80mmF2.8 Macro!

I bought it for 2 reasons.

One reason is that 2020 was quite tough. Online teaching drained my energy. FujiRumors had to run non stop and all time anyway. And then all the lockdowns, where even in my spare time often I just had to stay at home (and still have).

I was so exhausted, that I fell into a inspirational “low” when it comes to my photography. And I want to come out of this.

So I thought that a way to find new motivation, is to adventure myself into a photographic territory that I never dealt with: Macro photography.

It’s totally new for me, and as such it opens up new creative possibilities that might inspire me. And if the next months will still be marked by occasional lockdowns, I will have a great tool now to photograph also at home.

Then there is a second reason… but that one is for another day, maybe.

And now comes the part, where you can help me ;).

I now have to explain my purchase to my wife. And the best way to do it, is if you guys share some of your favorite images taken with the XF80mmF2.8 Macro here in the comments. May the beauty of your images convince her that this lens was a good investment. And surely they will serve me as inspiration.

So, I am thrilled to try out this lens now… and don’t be surprised if you see more macro shots now on my instagram feed :).

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