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Fujifilm X-T4 vs Sony A6600 IBIS, Managers Explains Fujifilm Improved X-T4 Tracking, Mini Documentary Shot on X-T4 and More


Fujifilm X-T4

The long waiting begins also for me.

I pre-ordered the Fujifilm X-T4, put myself in the waiting list, and have now to find a way to manage my impatience.

One of the ways to deal with the waiting, is to just read and watch everything X-T4 related. Luckily I manage 4 languages, so I have lots of content to enjoy :).

I will happily share with you some of the content I check out myself, and here is a next X-T4 roundup.

Down below you’ll see:

  • and interview with a Fujifilm manager, who talks about X-T4 and among the other says that the improved AF tracking was made possible “by using color and shape information to be able to track something moving
  • did Camera Conspiracies find the prefect camera? He compares IBIS with the Sony A6600 and the Panasonic G85.
  • Gerald Undone first look
  • Linus Tech Tips (10 mln subs) launched a new separate channel, where his main videographer Brandon reviews X-T4
  • The Art of Photography talks about X-T4 video capabilities
  • Forged in the North short Fujifilm X-T4 handheld video
  • Cinema5D mini documentary “Arisa” shot entirely on X-T4. Interesting to note: he experienced autofocus issues in very low light when shooting F-Log. He contacted Fujifilm, who recommended him not to use continuous AF and F-Log in very low light conditions.

Of course, everything is still pre-production, and especially IBIS can be improved via firmware a lot, as the past X-H1 firmware updates have shown and the future Fujifilm GFX100 firmware will show.

X-T4 Roundup

Blog Post

  • williamchua – The Fujifilm X-T4
  • – massive X-T4 live blog with tons of articles and videos
  • – 24 things you might have missed about X-T4 (includes Fujifilm confirmation there will be X-H2)
  • – full list of X-T4 IBIS efficiency on all Fujinon lenses
  • – 5 reasons why I pre-ordered X-T4 and won’t wait for X-H2