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Fujifilm Says X-H2 Might Offer Automatic In-Camera Combination of 160MP Pixel Shift Files


Just as we rumored, the Fujifilm X-H2 turned out to be Fujifilm’s first X-Trans camera to offer pixel shift multishot.

The Fujifilm X-H2 takes 20 images, which you must then combine using Fujifilm’s pixel shift combiner software to create 160MP images.

Now, in an interview with the Japanese youtube channel of Gizmomo, when asked if it will ever be possible that the camera will combine the files internally without any need to use an external software, a Fujifilm representative answered:

[google translated] It’s very hard… (laughs). There are 40 million pixels, and the range of image processing is packed from one to here to here, so there may not be anything that can be technically impossible, so if there are so many opinions from everyone in the future, I may do my best.

So if all Fujifilm needs is pressure from us, so be it… let’s start it in the comments.

via dclife

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