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Fujifilm Manager and Kevin Raber talk GFX100: “No Dials Improve Weather Sealing”


Kevin Raber, former publisher of Luminous-Landscape, is now back with his old team and they have started photoPXL.

In this episode, you can see Fujifilm manager Mike Bolbenko giving an overview on the Fujifilm GFX100.

I’ll skip things (specs) that I believe you all know already, and sum up below a few other points:

  • the term “medium format” is a film concept
  • in digital terms the current GFX sensor is better called “large format”
  • Fujifilm removed all the dials on the Fujifilm GFX100 because:
    – main reason for dial removal is that it improves weather sealing
    – about 50% of the users are going to shoot tethered
  • 16 bit makes files allows for more push/pull or color shifts
  • with flash, use mechanical shutter
  • electronic shutter for shooting fast and shallow DOF on brights sunny day
  • electronic shutter is silent. The company that made sound blimps, went bankrupt last year
  • electronic front curtain minimizes the shutter shake
  • max IBIS is 5.5 stops. With third party lenses you get up to 5
  • Kevin Raber recommends to keep IBIS on even when working on a tripod
  • Kevin Raber says Fuji stands behind customers, when it comes to repair (shutter lock on GFX100) and also firmware updates
  • Fujifilm can’t give film simulations color science to third parties. So, for people who want perfect match, they can use the free Fujifilm X RAW Studio software

Over at the blog, you can also read articles like the “Using The Fuji 50R To Shoot Steam Engines In The Cold Of Winter“. Check it out at photopxl.

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