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Elia Locardi Meets Fujifilm Managers and Asks if there is Need for High Resolution Cameras, when 90% of Images Go on Instagram


Moments in Time

Elia Locardi is currently releasing a beautiful series of “moments in time” videos.

We can’t cover them all here, so we will focus only on episode 6, where he sits down with Fujifilm managers at dinner.

Check out the video down below.

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High Resolution Cameras vs Instagram

In Episode 6, which went online in July 23, Elia had dinner with a couple of Fujifilm managers, including super-boss Toshihisa Ilda (starts min. 9:30).

Elia says that these days we have the highest quality optics and highest megapixel cameras, but 90% of the images we create are going to Instagram at 1080×1080 pixels. So is there a need for high-resolution cameras?

It’s a changing market, not only for how we are consuming, but also how we are creating images.

So he asks the Toshihisa Ilda, if this is going to change the desire for higher megapixel cameras. Toshi replies:

  • Medium format exists to capture and archive unique moments in the best image quality

And what is the main message to bring people in the Fujifilm system? Here is what some other managers say:

  • what we should keep for photography is more important than future technology
  • there is no perfect camera. Fujifilm should offer to customers different type of cameras that use the same technology (sensor/processor)
  • main message to market is Fujifilm offers camera bodies that suit various shooting styles of photographers

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Speaking of low res instagram images
here is one of my iPhoneSE images with random instagram filter applied :)