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DPRTV Fujifilm X-A7 Review: Better Face/Eye Detection than Fujifilm X-T3 and Hope for Fujifilm X-H2 with Flippy Screen


Fujifilm X-A7

DPReview published their Fujifilm X-A7 first look. Here is what they say:

  • Chris and Jordan never really liked the X-A series, since they always felt cheap and had bad AF
  • X-A7 is more compelling
  • amazing 16:9 flippy screen, excellent clarity and great touch interface
  • no IBIS
  • XF15-45 has OIS, but it’s not a great lens at the wide end
  • buffer rate very low
  • Chris is impressed by face detection. Very accurate. It’s doing a better job if subject is far away, better than X-T30
  • because it detects faces from far away, sometimes if you have faces are detected, it will override what you are trying to focus on. So assign FN button to face detection to turn it on and off [or you’ll end like Jared Polin ;)]
  • you can see before and after of your film simulation. Visually very cool
  • 24MP Bayer sensor, but not BSI. However, should readout faster due to better wiring
  • X-A7 would need more customizable buttons
  • in low light, X-A7 is still struggling (but they use pre-production, so there might be improvements in final version)
  • Fujifilm tries to target smartphone users, by simplifying interface
  • You can transfer files directly from camera to smartphone via USB-C. No need to use WiFi
  • Jordan is happy to finally have a flippy screen, and hopes it will come also on the Fujifilm X-H2
  • video footage is coming out quite nice and sharp
  • has electronic image stabilizer, but works like in all other camera brands: crops a bit, weird warping at low shutter speeds and even at fast shutter speeds, rolling shutter looks a bit weird. Jordan recommends to stabilize in post
  • shoots 4K30p
  • slow motion at 720/100fps, but Fujifilm said 120 fps slow motion is coming later
  • video face/eye detecion works good as long as person watches the camera. If you turn away, it will lose focus
  • you don’t see mic levels while recording
  • 2.5 jack microphone input. Comes with adapter. No headphone jack, not even via USB-C (like on X-T30)
  • base 400 ISO in video, so you will ND filters
  • competes with Sony A6100 and Canon EOS M50, although those cameras have an EVF
  • colors and skin tones look nice
  • clean in low light, but lots of smoothing in JPEGs
  • it’s a light camera (but also feels cheap, which is OK for this price point)

We remind you that Fujifilm just released bug fix firmware 1.01 for X-A7 here. As Jordan said in the video above, Fujifilm is working on another firmware update, to bring 120 slow motion to the X-A7 in future.

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