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DPReviewTV: Sony a7 III vs. Fujifilm X-T4 – Which is Best?


The Sony a7 III and Fujifilm X-T4 are both amazing cameras. DPReviewTV compares image quality, autofocus. lens selection and more to try to determinate which one is right for you.

Here is a summary:

  • usually they compare only same sensor sizes and same price category
  • they decided to compare X-T4 with A7III to find out if you have a smaller and less expensive sensor, if you get more in terms of other features
  • there is the Sony A7C, but if you are looking at the X-T4, you are probably also look more at the Sony A7III
  • X-T4 is newer than the A7III, but similar in price [Note: there is discount on the Sony A7III at the moment]
  • Chris is going to talk in favor of X-T4, Jordan in favor of Sony A7III
  • X-T4 has beautiful controls, more classic approach, lots of customizable buttons
  • Jordan should defend the Sony A7iII. It’s a small body, but he is not crazy about the feel of the camera. Has bigger grip, but close to lens mount, hence feels good only with smaller lenses
  • X-T4 has more robust body design and better weather sealing. Jordan agrees with that
  • Jordan says the EVF is pretty good. But X-T4 has higher resolution EVF and higher resolution LCD
  • Fujifilm has done a lot to get better AF. Face detect is accurate, works at longer distances than in the past, good tracking autofocus with easy to use implementation to set it up
  • Sony A7III is older camera. Interface not the best. Has outstanding face and eye detection. Shooting experience not as good, but better face/eye AF
  • Jordan says real time tracking AF works better on the Sony, but Chris says it works better on the Fujifilm X-T4 (although he agrees face/eye AF work better on Sony)
  • Sony A7III has full frame sensor. In low light better high ISO performance and more information in the shadows when you process the images
  • Chris says there is slight resolution advantage on the X-T4 over the Sony A7III. More importantly, the X-T4 features one of the best APS-C sensors on the market. If Sony wins, then by fairly small margins
  • Fujifilm has great JPEG quality and film simulations. Sony A7III is an older Sony and has bad color science. Jordan agrees that in JPEG there is no advantage for the Sony
  • X-T4 sensor has faster readout speed, meaning less rolling shutter (great for video), can rely on usable electronic shutter even at 30fps. Sony A7III can’t reach that, although at 30fps the X-T4 crops the image a little bit, hence degrades image quality a bit (16MP)
  • X-T4 destroy the Sony A7III in video: 4K60p, 10 bit internal, Eterna, fantastic video features
  • Jordan says he feels Fuji will come out with a dedicated video camera, as the X-T4 does not even have a headphone jack (but it has a USB-C to headphone Jack adapter that comes in the box)
  • X-T4 has tally light, Sony A7III not
  • Sony A7III overheats, but also X-T4. But the X-T4 overheats because it can do 4K60p
  • video autofocus on Sony A7iii is superior to X-T4. Fujifilm is still jumping a bit, although improved
  • they agree that the X-T4 offers an overall better video package
  • Lots of third party lens options (Tamron, Sigma etc)
  • Fujifilm has most extensive line of APS-C lenses, and other manufacturers are like “the prices are decent, we just can’t touch that“. Lots of options, covering all focal lengths and lots of fast lens options too
  • if you want shallow DOF, you’ll pay less money on the Sony system to get comparable DOF than on the Fuji system. You can get the full frame shallow DOF on the Fuji X system with lenses like the XF50mmF1.0, but you’ll pay less money for the same look on a full frame camera
  • Fujifilm X-T4 is really beautiful. And that’s important. You’ll enjoy using it. Great interface, great experience. Sexy. The beauty of the Sony, is on the inside, with the sensor [at this point Chris just mentions there is something called Fujifilm GFX100S if that matters ;)]
  • Sony Z battery is fantastic, but Fujifilm X-T4 has also a much improved battery
  • IBIS on X-T4 is very effective and better than Sony’s IBIS. X-T4 can hang up when you do a pan (in video). For photography, the X-T4 wins. They agree on better IBIS on the Fuji
  • X-T4 at the end wins in most categories. For the smaller sensor you get something in exchange, like premium build quality etc.
  • the X-T4 is top of the line. If you buy into Sony, you can still upgrade to R series of cameras, S series of cameras, the Sony A1
  • Chris says that at this price point, the X-T4 is way more full featured

At this point you might want to check out our articles, where we talk about how the APS-C system has to make less compromises over full frame, by going over the specs of various full frame cameras.

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