Fujifilm GFX: Dynamic Range Tests, Long Exposures, Sharpness… and Having FUN with Third Party Lenses!


Robert F.: shared here – First long exposure shot (40 sec.) at lake starnberg / bavaria. Love the dynamic range :-).

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HOLY MOLY!!! I just realized that I didn’t post a dedicated GFX article in the last 7 blog posts… so high time for a dedicated GFX roundup. :)

As usual, all of it comes from our 9,600+ strong Fujifilm GFX facebook group. It’s simply a great resource for all things GFX. And what I post here is just a small fraction of what has been shared in the group the last few days. So in today’s roundup we will see:

  • A series of perfect long exposure shots
  • Some more images
  • Dynamic Range Tests
  • Sharpness Demonstration
  • Having Fun with Third Party Lenses

I’d like to add a few words to the last point, the fun with third party lenses.

There are really a lot of photographers at our GFX group, who enjoy to combine all kind of lenses on their GFX. To me, this is without a doubt one of the most fun aspects of this camera. The GFX really breaths new life into old glass, which btw, I hear has in some cases doubled its price on ebay, since the GFX launch.

So, focussing on sharpness and dynamic range is all well and good. But what I perceive in the group, is that the Fujifilm GFX has also a huge fun-factor, that results especially from his flexibility and adaptability to all kind of glass (also FF lenses, as you will see below).

There are already many adapters available on the market, for example from Fotodiox to Kipon, and more are in development, such as the smart adapter for Contax 645 lenses by Fringer.

This huge third-party lenses fun-factor would be basically non-existant, if Fujifilm would have opted for a “focal plane shutter-less” camera, since the camera would then work only with leaf shutter lenses.

And a final note about the endless leaf shutter Vs. focal plane shutter discussion: as photographlife pointed out in a review I’ve shared here:

Considering that leaf shutter lenses cannot have very large apertures (and as of now, all three Hasselblad lenses are limited to f/3.2-f/3.5 maximum aperture), I struggle to find the real appeal of the leaf shutter lenses aside from the flash sync speed. If you are after beautiful bokeh, the focal plane shutter is the way to go.

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Holger Glaab‎: Berlin, Potsdamer Platz. Fuji X-T1, XF10-24 F4R OIS @30 sec, F13, ISO 200 + ND-Filter and some PS-Editing – shared here the the Fujirumors facebook photo album

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Fujifilm X100F + X70
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Clarification: Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10 Hybrid digital/film (with USB-Charging) and Instax Square SQ Film Only

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ Film only

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ Film only

Whops… seems I mixed up something yesterday regarding the Instax Square rumors. Sorry, I’m going to correct it today :)

2 days ago I’ve reported about the first leaked image of the Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10. The image showed a LCD screen on the back and 6 buttons.

I’ve immediatly contacted sources, who confirmed our suspects: the Instax SQ10 is a digital/film hybrid instax camera. In fact, sources also told me that the Instax SQ10 will have a microSD card slot.

During the talk with a source, I also aksed if there will be other Instax Square versions. The source confirmed, and promised me an image for the day after of the Instax SQ… and so it did.

I’ve shared the image of the Instax SQ here on FujiRumors yesterday, and for some mysterious reason I told you it will be hybrid camera.

But actually the source never said this. It only send me the picture of another Instax Square version (the Instax SQ), without adding any comment. So, when yesterday I wrote you it will be hybrid, the source was so kind to contact me again today and tell me I’d better correct that. Only the Instax Square SQ10 will be hybrid. The Instax SQ instead will be film only.

And btw, the source added another detail: the Instax Square SQ10 will have USB-charging (in addition to the micre-SD card slot)

ok… now I think it’s time for me for a little break. I’m going to grab my dog, my camera, and go out a bit ;)
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courtesy of MickO here


Replace Your Standard MacOS Icons with Super Cool Fujifilm Cameras Icons! – UPDATE: Windows Version, too

My Desktop looks much cooler with the New Fuji Icon :)

My Desktop looks much cooler with the New Fuji Icon :)

Fuji Icons for Mac

Fujifilm X100F facebook group member Pawel is still waiting for his X100F, and in the meantime, he tried to manage his impatience by creating some cool Fuji X and G icons to replace the standard MacOS (or Windows) ones.

As you can see in the screenshot above, I’ve already created the X-T2 icon for my Mac (even though I don’t own it). But there are currently a total of 8 icons you can chose (X-T2 black, GFX, X-T2 with grip, X-Pro2 graphite, X100F black, X100F silver, X-20 black and X-T20 silver).

The procedure to change the icon is super easy: “1. Open the info panel of the folder you want to change (Command+i), 2. Locate its icon preview in the left top corner. 3 drag the new icon to this place. Et voila!

And now all you need is the link. It has been originally shared by Pawel at the X100F group here. But since not everybody is part of the closed group or does not have facebook at all, here is the direct dropbox link :) – Windows + Mac

UPDATE: Fujifilm GFX facebook group member Peter made the windows version of the icons. You can download them via GFX facebook group here or my dropbox here.

UPDATE 2: X-E2 Windows Icons: X-E2 silver, X-E2 black

UPDATE 3: X-T1 Icons: dropbox

Pawel, you are GENIUS!!! :)

stay tuned,
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