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Viltrox AF 13mm F1.4 XF Review with Fujifilm X-T4


The Hybrid Shooter published its review of the Viltrox AF 13mm f/1.4 XF. You can see the video as well as read a summary down below.

Video & Summary

  • matches good on X-T4, which has a smaller grip
  • fantastic built quality
  • feels solid and premium
  • some degree of weather sealing
  • focus by wire
  • very good manual focus experience
  • aperture ring has clicks at 1/3 of stops increments and very tactile
  • center sharpness very good already at f/1.4
  • corner sharpness at f/1.4 is not bad but there is room for improvement. Gets better at f/2 and f/8 with solid IQ. Excellent at f/4 to f/8
  • Contrast could be improved at f/1.4 and gets better at f/2
  • sharpness gets best at f/4 to f/8. Significant diffraction at f/11
  • profile corrections are baked into the RAW files
  • impressive images, pleasant color rendition
  • low chromatic aberration
  • at minimum focus distance very solid even at f/1.4
  • pleasant bokeh. 9 aperture blades. Smooth and not very harsh outlines
  • autofocus very fast and accurate in stills mode
  • in video, it is among the best autofocus lenses for the X-T4. Usable continuous AF. Silent AF. Remarkably low focus breathing
  • no OIS, but IBIS is more than enough for a 13mm lens. OIS is not missed on this lens (for cameras with IBIS)
  • excellent value for the price
  • one of his favorite lenses for X mount
  • excellent IQ, one of the sharpest X mount lenses, especially if stopped down at f/8
  • no weather sealing gasket around the mount
  • he highly recommends this lens

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