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Sigma X Mount Lenses Coming February 21: Low Profile Announcement with No Sigma Stage Online Event?


So, it’s out: according to information we have received, Sigma will announce its first autofocus X mount lenses on February 21.

Now, over the last few years, Sigma has launched new products at the so called “Sigma Stage Online” events. And some FR-readers made me notice that Sigma has not yet announced any Sigma event for February 21. As a consequence, some doubt that the rumor is correct.

Look, I am called FujiRumors, not FujiFacts, so there is always a possibility that I am wrong.

With that said, maybe the lack of “Sigma Stage Online” event does not mean necessarily that nothing is coming at all.

Maybe Sigma just decided to go more low profile with this announcement: a sober press release that announces the new X mount Sigma trinity and that’s it. That could explain why (at least until now) no Sigma Stage Online event has been announced.

One question I get often these days is: will Sigma make some design changes over the current versions (hence adding an aperture ring)?

Look, at this point in time, I have no answers to this questions. If I am able to get one, I will answer it on FujiRumors, otherwise I am afraid we will have to wait for February 21 to find out for sure.

Certainly Sigma had enough time to make design changes and put an aperture ring on them. But rationally speaking I believe for Sigma it is simply more convenient to keep the current design (hence no aperture ring). So while I hope in an aperture ring, I am not very optimistic about it. But maybe Sigma did put some effort into changing the design, knowing that Fuji X shooters generally love aperture rings on the lenses. Let’s hope so.

Here is what Sigma will announce:

Sadly this lovely Sigma APS-C mirrorless lens won’t be included in the X mount launch.

We have covered the upcoming Sigma lenses several times over the past few weeks:

For the full specs comparison, you can click the links below:

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