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RUMOR: New Fujifilm X Lens Roadmap Coming Soon


According to a new anonymous source (that uses a nickname, thanks for that), Fujifilm is going to soon announce a new lens roadmap.

TO THE SOURCE: if you want, we can have a more direct and confidential talk via email ( Would be great if we could. Otherwise no problem, thanks a lot already for the help today and for using a nickname, which helps me a lot already.

As you know, a top Japanese Fujifilm manager said there will be 4 new Fujinon X mount lenses within February 2021, and FujiRumors has already shared them all for you.

It’s unclear if there will be an update also for the G mount lens roadmap. But we have leaked Fujifilm’s internal long term G mount roadmap already.

  • see here – Fujifilm GFX Secret Roadmap: What We Got, What Changed and What is Still Missing

Besides the already pre-announced Fujinon GF80mm f/1.7, here are the top 2 candidates to enter the G mount lens roadmap next:

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